Wood Flooring Costs: A Look at Prices in 2022

Update 2022: We’ve updated these wood flooring prices due to the well-documented inflation that the UK is currently experiencing. As the cost of timber is so volatile at the moment, prices are subject to change at short notice.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with wooden flooring. In the past, I’ve seen installations that are clearly a cut above the norm; a well-designed home with flooring that compliments the overall design of the dwelling, all done with top tier material that’s manufactured to the highest standards and installed expertly.

Unfortunately, with my many years of experience in the home improvement industry, I’ve also witnessed some hum-dinger installations that were obviously done on a (very) small budget.

Regardless of your budget and your tastes, I’m sure you’ll find this guide to flooring prices insightful.

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All About Wooden Floors

Wood is a very popular choice for a floor covering, there is a wide range of options and colours to suit all budgets and tastes, it can be fitted quickly and is both stylish and practical.

But how much does it cost to install wood flooring? What is the going rate?

oak wood flooring

On this page, we will show you:

  1. the labour-only cost to install both wood and laminate flooring boards
  2. extra costs you may need to consider, such as waste disposal, door trimming, new skirting boards, beading and floor levelling etc
  3. other costs such as oiling, waxing and sanding
  4. an example quote listing all expected costs for a typical installation
  5. some actionable tips on how to save money if that’s important to you
  6. where you can get inspiration

1 – What is a Fair and Reasonable “Labour-Only” Price?

Obviously, this varies and depends on your location but our research into wood flooring costs tells us this is a reasonable per metre rate for the south-east of the UK:

Laminate Flooring – £15.00 per square metre (labour only)

Wood Flooring – £20.00 per square metre (labour only)

This is just the base rate for labour and there are certainly other costs you’ll want to include, so keep reading.

2 – Other Costs to Include

If you are installing wood flooring, some or all of the following will apply.

Perhaps some of these tasks can be completed by yourself rather than your tradesperson, thus saving you money.

Carpet Removal and Disposal – £65 per average-sized room

Skirting Installation – £6 per metre for labour only

Beading – £6 per metre for labour only

Door Trimming – £20 per doorway labour only

Floor Board Replacement – £25 – £30 per linear metre for labour and materials

Floor Levelling – £20 – £25 per square metre for labour and screed material

Furniture Relocation – £25 per hour

3 – Extras and Repair/Maintenance Prices

Again, some of these prices will apply to your project and some won’t. Also, you may choose to do some of these yourself to save money:

Sanding – £15-17 per square metre for larger areas and up to £25 per square metre for smaller projects.

Sanding DIY – You can hire a professional sanding tool and edge sander for around £50 per day or £75 for two days

Sanding and 3 Coats of Oil or Varnish – £25 – £27 per square metre depending on overall floor size

Gap Filling (resin) – £6 per metre

Gap Filling (slivers) – £6 per square metre

A more detailed price guide for sanding and topcoat finishing can be found in our guide to floor sanding prices page.

4 – Example Quote for 25 Square Metres Fully Installed

Below is an example cost for the installation of either wood or laminate flooring and includes all the expected extras:

Laminate Oak Effect Flooring

laminate flooring

Remove and dispose of existing carpet and skirting boards. Supply and install new underlay, laminate wood flooring and skirting boards.

Total: £1500

Solid Wood Oak Flooring

solid oak wood floor

Remove and dispose of existing carpet and skirting boards. Supply and install underlay, solid oak flooring boards and skirting.

Total £2500

Below is a breakdown of the costs for installing 25 sq metres laminate flooring;

5 – Tips on How to Save Money and Keep Costs to a Minimum

  1. remove and dispose of the old carpet or flooring yourself. This may involve a few trips to the local council waste disposal yard but it’s cheaper than your tradesperson taking it to a commercial waste centre.
  2. either re-use the existing skirting boards or to really save money, leave them in place and install a bead edging. This really speeds up the installation process but bead edgings are not to everyone’s tastes. See a photo of floor beading here.

Get Inspiration and Ideas

The team here at Job Prices absolutely loves Pinterest.

This is perhaps the best place to get ideas and inspiration for your wood flooring project (or any other project for that matter).

Also, because many of the images are pulled from websites that actually sell flooring boards, you should be able to locate a seller, or at least, with a little digging, be able to find where the boards are imported from.

Below are just four images we located from Pinterest.

Click this link to go to Pinterest and get inspired today.

Treadtime flooring

Image sourced from floorsonline.co.uk via Pinterest

From Period Ideas via Pinterest

See how different woodstains look. Photo from Sand and Sisel and sourced via Pinterest

Photo from the Design Sheppard via Pinterest

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Yes, all the prices on this page include VAT at a rate of 20%. You could make a saving on the labour charges by choosing a smaller company that is trading below the VAT registration threshold.

More information about how homeowners can legally avoid paying VAT can be found here.

Laminate floor panels are faster to install and click together than solid wood.
For installation projects, we doubt there will be many flooring installers would charge less than £300 inc vat so this would seem to be a minimum charge for this type of work.
For concrete floors, a levelling screed can be laid to correct this. Alternatively, a thicker specialist underlay can be fitted. Foam and fibreboard underlays are the most popular and come in various thicknesses.
A team of two people can install 25 square metres in one day although if you need floor levelling and door resizing and lots of skirting work done, the work will overrun into a second day.

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

Day Rates For Tradespeople

If the existing flooring has failed due to age, wear and tear, lack of maintenance or negligence then it's unlikely you'll be able to make a claim. However, if the damage was caused by a flood, water leak, fire or other unforeseeable event, then you may be able to claim all or part of the cost.

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