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[Update 2022: We last updated this page in 2021 but have since got in touch with several aerial installers who have told us that prices have gone up by around 15% since then. We’ve updated the prices below to reflect the going rate as of April 2022. If you require a fixed quote, fill in this form with details of your aerial project and you’ll get a custom price online from a local installer.

Are you looking for a price to install a new tv aerial? Here we explore the costs you can expect to pay for this service in the United Kingdom in 2022.

There are three parts to each aerial installation, how many parts you need fitting will depend on your circumstances and whether this is a replacement aerial or an entirely new installation.

Here are the three parts:

  • the aerial itself
  • the pole
  • the bracket that secures the pole to the wall

On top of this there are other potential costs to consider; how many points are required in the house, if a signal booster is required or if you need a price for a longer “high reach” pole for poor signal areas.

Roof aerial

Advice From an Installer

You might be tempted to keep the existing cables in place and just change the aerial but the digital signal is optimized by being sent through a modern cable (ie not a low-loss co ax). If the old cable has been subject to UV rays for decades it may have degraded and might not be suitable for a modern digital signal.

The cost of new cable is relatively cheap and in most cases fairly easy to install and the benefits often outweigh the cost.

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Expected Price

Based on our experience, we believe you should expect to pay the following prices, make sure you read our “added costs” section further down this page.

Just the aerial£120
Aerial, pole and standard bracket£175
Aerial, pole, bracket and 20m cable to new socket£220
Dish instead of an aerial+£30
Add high reach pole+£50
Add extra points inc up 20m of cable+£75 each
Stand-off bracket for houses with wide roof overhangs+£50-100 each
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Added Costs

Scaffold – this isn’t usually required as most aerials can be installed from a ladder but on some occasions, a platform is erected or even a cherry picker is hired. This will obviously add extra cost to the project but it all depends on difficult the roof or chimney is to reach.

Points – the location of any socket in the house and how many of them are needed. Extra sockets and cables will add to the cost.

Boosters – used to increase the signal strength. These are variable in cost and quality.

Break down

Here we break down the costs so you can see where your money goes, we assume a standard installation:

Standard aerial – £30

Pole – £6.00

Standard bracket – £6.00

Cable and clips – £14.00

Waste disposal – £6.00

Labour –  – £120.00

VAT – £36

What About a Loft Aerial?

The switchover to digital has resulted in additional benefits. the signal strength from the transmitters has increased considerably. This means an indoor loft aerial is far more likely to pick up a good signal than it was a few years ago.

We suggest considering a loft aerial if any of the following apply to you:

  • you don’t like the look of an aerial fixed to the outside of your house
  • you are unable to use an external aerial as it’s not your property and you don’t have permission
  • the only suitable place externally is very high in an awkward place to install and it would cost too much to reach that high (ie scaffold is required)

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Yes, the prices you see on this page include VAT at the current rate of 20%.

Don't forget; by going with a smaller company/trader you could make a saving as only businesses earning over £85000 need to register for and charge VAT.

This page has more info about you can legally avoid paying VAT


We updated these prices in 2022.

Our property was in the southeast of the UK, prices further away from London might be a little cheaper.

This is quite possibly the best tv aerial website for advice and troubleshooting issues.

There is a ton of advice on that site, from aerial position, types of cable and even a whole page dedicated to loft aerial installations.

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

Day Rates For Tradespeople

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