Turf Installation Price List Updated For 2022

Update 2022: According to media reports and our own research, the cost of home and garden improvement projects has increased considerably over the last 18 months. On this page, you’ll find our turf price list, if you would like a custom price, please fill out this form with details of your project.

Call us old-fashioned if you wish but we feel that there’s nothing better than an old-fashioned perfect stripy lawn; it’s the cornerstone of a typical English garden.

That, of course, is just our opinion.

On this page, we will cover:

  • How much turf costs per square metre delivered as of 2022.
  • Turf laying prices.
  • A works schedule so you can see what steps are involved with this project.
  • Some actionable tips so you can save money.
  • Where you can get a custom price online.

Are you thinking about laying new turf in your garden so you can have a pristine lawn in time for summer? While some people do this work themselves, others prefer to get a professional in, but how much does that cost and what work is involved?

Let’s take a look.

Turf to lawn

Works Schedule

As frequent visitors to our site will know, we like to publish a “works schedule” along with a realistic price guide. These are actual prices based on the going rate.

Below you will find a works schedule and price for the removal of an existing lawn and replacement with new turf:

  • Treat existing lawn with a weedkiller up to two weeks prior.
  • Strip out existing lawn and weeds.
  • Rotavate soil to a depth of 25cm.
  • Dig in extra soil and organic matter as needed.
  • Flatten the area by foot or with planks.
  • Rake in fertiliser.
  • Lay turf ensuring joints are staggered.
  • Use planks rather than walking on the turf directly.
  • Apply top dressing to infill any voids in joints.

Turf Laying Prices Updated for 2022

These are our most up to date prices for the supply and laying of turf:

Project:Price inc VAT:
Budget Turf Delivered£4.65 per square metre
Shade Tolerant or Premium Turf Delivered£6 per square metre
Budget Turf Delivered and Laid, Inc Preparation£18 - £20 per square metre
Shade Tolerant or Premium Turf Delivered and Laid, Inc Preparation£19 - £22 per square metre
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About these prices: We sourced 14 prices from turf layers in the UK during April 2022 for a small garden. We then calculated an average figure which is displayed above. You can use this a guide to prices but tap the button below and fill in the form with details of your project to get a custom quote:

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Trim Down Turfing Costs by Doing This

The guideline price you see above is for new turf delivered and installed but those of you that don’t mind a bit of DIY can trim down the costs by doing some of the work yourself:

  • Applying a weed killer such as Roundup 2 weeks before laying the new turf.
  • Removing deep-rooted weeds.
  • Lifting the existing grass.
  • Turning over the soil to a depth of up to 6″.
  • Levelling the lawn.

You can then negotiate a lower price with the company or person laying the turf.

Preparation is Key

The key to a successful turf laying project can be summed up in two words; preparation and water.


Roots can be several inches deep and many grow horizontally by just as far. Obviously, these weeds will need to be pulled out before the new turf is laid but this isn’t enough. The entire area should be pre-treated with a strong general weedkiller such as Roundup as this will kill off everything. Strong weed killers take a couple of weeks to get deep into the roots and kill everything off so they should be put down around two weeks before the turf is laid.


After the turf is laid, it will need to be kept watered and moist until the roots have taken hold, this isn’t so much of an issue in the autumn or early spring as the ground is naturally moist but in the summer, extra water will need to be applied to the lawn for up to a month.

When is the Best Time of Year to Lay Turf?

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the best time of year is mid-autumn and into early winter, as it won’t need too much watering during the late autumn and winter months.

While new turf should be protected from harsh frosts and snow, a little cold weather can help make the grass more resilient and hardy.

The worst time is from late spring into summer as the turf will require frequent watering to prevent it from shrinking.

The RHS has an excellent website that you can explore here.

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Assuming the correct watering protocol is followed, the roots should take hold between one and two months after initial laying. It's important that enough water is used to encourage root growth, but not so much that the roots don't drive into the ground seeking moisture.

Weather extremes should be avoided, so don't lay it if the ground will be frozen shortly after or if it's too hot in the middle of summer.

The best times are typically mid-autumn through to mid-spring.

Yes, there are different types of turf, from hard wearing varieties of grass to those that perform well in shaded areas. In general; turf designed for the perfect bowling green or golf green will cost more while hard wearing varieties are cheaper.
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