How Much Does an “End of Tenancy” Clean Cost?

Update 2022: As has been reported in the media and confirmed by our own research, inflation is rising fast and the cost of services such as tenancy cleaning are going up all over the UK. The prices on this page were updated in 2022 and reflect the going rate. If you would like a custom price for your property, fill in this form with details and you’ll receive a fast response.

In 2022 we contacted 12 different end-of-tenancy cleaning firms and asked them to provide us with a price for cleaning properties in the UK.

The results of our research can be found on this page.

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The Difference Between End of Tenancy Cleaning and “Normal” Cleaning

Normal “regular” cleaning includes wiping, dusting and hoovering the visible and accessible parts of a home.

End of tenancy cleaning goes much further and is also known as “deep cleaning”. The main difference is that the carpets are usually cleaned, and white goods, ovens and windows are also cleaned.

While every cleaning company will have differing criteria for an end of tenancy clean, most will include the following:


  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Oven inc Trays and Racks
  • Extractor Hood
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Sink
  • Flooring – cleaned
  • Walls – dusted

Living Room

  • Carpets – Hoovered and Cleaned
  • Wood Flooring – Hoovered and Cleaned
  • Walls, Skirts and Ceiling – Dusted
  • Internal Windows and Sills – Cleaned and Polished


  • Carpets – Hoovered and Cleaned
  • Wood Flooring – Hoovered and Cleaned
  • Walls, Skirts and Ceiling – Dusted
  • Internal Windows and Sills – Cleaned and Polished

Bathroom and Toilets

  • Flooring – Hoovered and Cleaned
  • Walls, Skirts and Ceiling – Dusted
  • Internal Windows and Sills – Cleaned and Polished
  • Bath, Shower, Toilet and Sink Cleaned, Limescale Removed and Disinfected


  • Built-In Wardrobes
  • Carpets – Hoovered and Cleaned
  • Walls, Skirts and Ceiling – Dusted
  • Internal Windows and Sills – Cleaned and Polished


  • Doors
  • Door Handles
  • Sockets
  • Switches

Optional Extras

Optional extras usually include; cleaning the exterior of windows and sills, gutter unblocking and cleaning, patio and driveway cleaning, curtain and upholstery steam cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is sometimes advertised as a separate item but most tenants will need to have the carpets cleaned upon completion of the tenancy, hence why we included this in our price guide.

We’ve also included the cost of oven cleaning, although some of the cleaning firms we contacted only included this as an optional extra to their published price lists.

Average End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost

Here are the results of our research into end of tenancy cleaning prices being charged by companies and businesses in the UK:

1 bed/1 bathroom home£220
2 bed/1 bathroom home£260
3 bed/1 bathroom home£295
4 bed/ 2 bathroom home£350
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The prices above are an average of the figures given to us. Cleaners in London will charge a fee above average and those in the north of the UK will charge below the national average.

Comparing Price in 2022 to 2019

The last time we checked the cost of an end of tenancy clean was in 2019 when the average cost for a two-bed property was £238.

This represents an increase of 9.3% over three years, which is roughly in line with inflation for labour-intensive projects such as cleaning.

How Long Does an End-Of-Tenancy Clean Take?

Most cleaners work in teams of two and living rooms and bedrooms can be cleaned quickly, while the bathroom and kitchens take the most amount of time.

Here’s a timetable, which is based on the feedback we received from the 12 cleaning forms we contacted in 2022:

1 bed/1 bathroom home3 hours
2 bed/1 bathroom home3.5 hours
3 bed/1 bathroom home4 hours
4 bed/ 2 bathroom home5 hours
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Postscript: If you’re a tenant or indeed, a landlord, check out our guide to end of tenancy cleaning where we explain tenant’s rights and landlord’s entitlements with regards to end of tenancy cleaning.


The landlord can expect the property to be returned to them with the same level of cleanliness as when you first rented it. How this is achieved is up to the tenant. A receipt from a cleaning company can help prove the level of cleanliness in the event of a dispute.
An end of tenancy clean is similar to a deep clean, the inside of cupboards, doors and cabinets is cleaned. Usually, the carpets are cleaned as well as ovens and hobs. A regular clean just involves wiping surfaces, dusting and hoovering.
In most cases, an independent inventory clerk will describe the level of cleanliness in a written document. This, along any photos, videos and receipts from cleaning companies (if used) can help the tenant prove they have cleaned to the property to the same standard as when they found it.

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