A Look at Wood Burning Stove Prices in the UK in 2022

If you’re thinking about installing a wood-burning stove and would like to get a handle on prices, this page is for you.

Wood burning stoves are a perfect focal point for almost any home, including rooms with limited space.

They’re more efficient than an open fire and DEFRA approved stoves can currently be used in areas where smoke controls are in place, such as city centres.

On this page we’ll discuss:

  • A poll – we want to know how much you think a stove will cost.
  • Materials – what parts are needed?
  • Labour fees and how long the work will take.
  • Our guide price for a typical wood-burning stove installation.
  • The best size stove for your property.
  • Potential energy savings – can you really save money off your heating bills?
  • What can bump up the price?
  • Where you can get a competitive quote today.

Poll – How Much Do You Think it Will Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

We often ask visitors to our website how much they think certain products and services will cost.

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Materials Needed For a Typical Stove Installation

While every project is different, most wood-burning stoves will require the following materials:

  • Chimney cowl with a grille to stop birds from gaining entry
  • Chimney liner, with optional insulation
  • Adapter, this connects the liner to the flue pipe
  • Register or closure plate, this seals the base of the chimney
  • Fire rope and fire cement for sealing
  • Flue pipe
  • Stove
  • Materials for the hearth and heat protection if the stove is located near combustible materials
  • Ventilation for the room where the stove is located (the air drawn into the stove must come from somewhere)

How Long Does it Take to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Every project is different but a typical straightforward installation with a hearth, new liner and cowl will take two workers at least a day, with a day and a half quite normal.

If the property doesn’t have a chimney, a twin wall flue can be installed on the outside of the building, this will add at least half a day to a typical project.

Labour Fee For The Installation

Labour fees will vary from installer to installer and also vary upon location with London and the south-east the most expensive areas.

Small one-man type traders charge anything upwards of £600 and larger firms with overheads over £1500.

More complex installations, such as those requiring additional fireproofing or insulation will require extra man-hours and cost.

Cost to Install a Woodburning Stove

Based on our research, we think a typical installation with a chimney flue, hearth and backplate will cost around £2500.

If you don’t have a chimney, you’ll need a twin-wall flue piped outside the building and up above the roofline. Expect this to cost around £900-£1100 extra, depending on the complexity of the installation.

What Is The Best Size Stove For My Room?

Stoves come in many shapes and sizes but the power output determines how much space the appliance will heat up adequately.

As a general guide, you’ll need 1KW of power output for every 14 cubic metres of space. This is ideal if you want to achieve a room temperature of 21° when the outside temperature is 0°

Charnwood has a nifty stove size calculator on their website, you’ll need the height, width and length of the area you want to be heated.

Just tap in the details and you’ll get the power output required to heat that area.

Large double fronted stove

Large double fronted stove – ideal for central focal points

Will a Wood Burning Stove Reduce My Heating Bills?

This depends on how much you pay for your firewood.

In general, most owners do not make any financial savings unless they have access to free firewood.

Do bear in mind that wood needs to be split and then dried for between 6 and 18 months, depending on the type of wood and climate. So you’ll also need a storage area.

Damp wood should never be put in a wood burner because:

  • you’ll get a smoky fire with little flame
  • lots of grey smoke from the chimney
  • it’s difficult to get started
  • low heat output and short burn times
  • dirty glass
  • clogging of the flue liner
  • lots of crackling and spitting

We have two wood burners (one is actually a multi-fuel stove) and to be honest, I’m not convinced that they will actually save us money in the short to medium term because of the quite high installation costs but they are lovely and give us a lot of pleasure. – Mumsnet user

For most consumers, a wood burner can’t fully replace a central heating system and any reduction in heating bills is offset by the high installation cost, ongoing maintenance and the price of firewood.

Are These Stoves Bad For the Environment?

The particles released into the air contribute to a lowering of air quality and in general, wood stoves are not an efficient way to create heat.

Wood burning stoves are banned in some city centres due to the number of small particles they release into the atmosphere.

What Can Bump Up The Price?

Large stoves with a higher output rating will cost more, as will a twin-wall flue that has several changes of direction.

Stoves that swivel or are double-sided, where you can see the flame from both sides, are more expensive.

The cost of the hearth and any additional fireproofing will depend on the type of materials you want.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs to Consider

Stoves require little maintenance but the flue or chimney should be swept once per year if you use the stove frequently.

Flue liners don’t last forever and cheaper variants could need replacing within 5 years, so we suggest quality over price.

Most stove manufacturers sell spare parts, even after the production of the stove has ceased.

Don’t Forget

Stove installations in England and Wales are notifiable, which means the local council must be informed of the installation.

If the stove was installed DIY, the council will charge a fee and will inspect the installation before signing off on the works. Fees vary from, council to council but £150 – £300 is typical.

If you use the services of an approved installer, they can sign off the work themselves.

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