Cost to Install a Stairlift Chair in the UK: A Look at Prices in 2022

It’s been a busy month here at Job Prices HQ, in addition to a site revamp we took time out to research how much it costs to install a stairlift.

So, if you’re thinking about installing one for yourself or a relative, check out our price guide below which is based on real quotes from various installers around the UK.

A stairlift can help you rediscover independence in your home. There’s no need to go through the stress of relocating and these lifts are quick to install with minimal fuss and disruption.

Before you proceed with a stairlift installation, we suggest you consider the following:

Warranty period – not all manufacturers/installers offer long warranty periods and as always, the devil is in detail, so do check both the warranty period and any notable exclusions.

Buyback schemes – some installers offer buyback schemes but we recommend getting any verbal agreement in writing, we have discovered complaints from buyers who were unable to sell their old stairlifts.

Straight, curved or spiral – the cheapest stairlifts to install are on staircases that are straight and don’t have any radiators or obstacles that need relocating or trimming. Spiral, curved staircases or those that require some remodelling will cost more, it’s here that the prices between installers tend to widen, so get lots of quotes from different firms.

Rented options – if you or your relative only intend to stay in the property for a short period of time, a rented stairlift could be more affordable. Renters usually incur an installation fee and then a monthly fee for a set period of time.

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What Work is Involved With a Stairlift Installation and How Long Does it Take?

It’s a common misconception that chair stairlifts are bolted to the wall.

The chair and motor are in fact located on rails which are secured directly to the steps on the staircase. The rails aren’t secured to the walls, this makes the installation easier, quicker and with less disruption.

A typical straight stairlift can be installed and tested in around 2 hours.

A stairlift on a staircase with one or two direction changes will take a little longer at 3-4 hours.

Stairlifts on spiral staircases will take around 3-5 hours to install.

You can expect the installation to take longer if any of the following applies:

  • radiators and pipework need relocating
  • window sills need trimming or replacing
  • doors need rehanging so they open in the opposite direction

Home Stairlift Cost

The stairlift cost shown below is calculated from an average of the figures we received from various installers in the UK.

Please bear in mind that every installation is different and the stairlift prices you’re given may differ.

One turn£3500
Two turns (one at the base and one at the top)£4750
Spiral£variable and depends on specifications
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Our prices above do not include grants or other discounts.

Grants and Discounts For Stairlifts

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single location where you can apply for a grant but your local council may offer mobility grants. Each council will have different qualifying requirements but most will offer a faculty grant for the long-term disabled.

Elderly, disabled or vulnerable persons can also use the services of a Home Improvement Agency for home adaptations, these are backed by local councils and many are not-for-profit organizations.

The Housing Care website is a good place to start if you need more information.

Stairlift Rental Prices

The prices for a rented stairlift varied from supplier to supplier.

On average, we found that the initial installation cost was around £1100 plus a monthly fee with a one or two year contract.

The monthly charge varied and depends on whether the staircase is straight or has directional changes.

The Which? and RICA Reports into Chair Stairlift Prices

The Which? consumer organization found that the average stairlift cost in the UK was £3284.

Our 2016 survey of stairlift owners revealed that the average price paid for a stairlift was £3,284

This is similar to our findings.

You can read more on the Which? website here.

RICA, a consumer research website for older and disabled people claims to have carried out research into stairlift prices in the UK.

Their results are below:

Average stairlift cost for a straight staircase – £2650.

Average stairlift cost for a curved staircase- £4950.

The RICA website is a great resource and worth exploring further.

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