How to Stop Squirrels and Other Animals From Getting Into the Loft/Attic

I’ve spent over 18 years working in the construction industry, initially in the roofing industry before moving onto home improvements and renovations.

I have personally seen dozens of homes that have experienced problems caused by squirrels and other pests entering the loft and causing carnage.

Squirrels need to chew regularly to keep their teeth from growing too long, they will grind their way through almost any material, including lead, plastic and wood.

Here are a few photos of the damage these critters can cause, the first two photos were taken by me a few years ago:

squirrel damage to roof

Chew marks and holes on a leaded flat roof covering, caused by squirrels

Chew marks from squirrels

More chew marks, this roof needed replacing with a less tasty bitumen-based covering

Grey squirrel on roof

Squirrel entering loft/attic. Photo from YouTube

If you don’t take steps to block squirrels, you can expect:

  • holes in the fascia and soffit boards.
  • noises in the loft/attic.
  • birds gaining entry via the holes and nesting in the loft.
  • damage to cables, including tv aerial cables and power cables to light fittings.
  • roof leaks.

The Most Common Loft Entry Points For Squirrels

Squirrels almost always enter the loft/attic via the eaves, this is the lowest part of the roof, often where the gutter is located.

These pests usually sit in the guttering and chew through the top edge of the fascia board (see photos above and below).

This hole is then used as an entry point for other squirrels and also birds that then nest in the loft.

These photos may help to explain how they gain entry:

rotten fascia boards

Rotten fascia boards, often hidden behind the guttering, provide an easy access point for squirrels

Prevent Squirrels From Entering the Loft

There are two products that will stop squirrels in their tracks:

  • thick metal
  • concrete

The photo below shows an entry point at the end of a fascia board:

Entry point (photo from General Pest Co)

This photo shows how the gap was permanently sealed:

Sealed squirrel hole in the loft (photo from General Pest Co)

Roof tiles located at the eaves level can be bedded onto concrete/mortar to prevent squirrel entry:

As the fascia boards are a common entry point for squirrels, the back of the board should be reinforced with a metal strip:

Prevent squirrels from entering loft

Is it Possible to Block Squirrels From Inside the Loft?

Due to the limited amount of space in most lofts at the eaves, it’s almost impossible to block the entry points from within the loft/attic.

In most cases, the entry points need to be blocked from the outside, as you can see from the photos on this page.

Stop Squirrels Stealing Your Bird Food

If you leave out bird food in your garden, there’s a good chance it will attract squirrels and other pests such as rats and mice.

In 2022 we reviewed the best squirrel proof bird feeders.

Try one of those devices to keep squirrels away and attract plenty of birds into your garden.

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