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Each year the team here at Job Prices contacts dozens of EPDM flat roof installers and asks them to supply us with a quote for replacing a flat roof.
The prices created by this calculator are based upon the figures we’ve received.
We’ve included VAT at the current 20% rate but you might not be charged this tax if your EPDM flat roof specialist is trading below the VAT registration threshold.
Use this EPDM flat roof calculator as a general guide to flat roof prices in the United Kingdom.

Other Costs to Consider :
You may want to consider replacing the roofline fascias and soffits around your flat roof with new Upvc plastic or to save money and keep costs down; paint any existing timber roofline boards. You may also wish to replace any guttering to the edge of the flat roof.

Every EPDM flat roof project is different and the prices displayed on this flat roof calculator may not reflect the true cost of your flat roof project. We urge you to get a fixed written quote from a local flat roof specialist.


Is EPDM Rubber the Best Option For My Flat Roof?

EPDM can often be laid in one piece with no joins or seams, this ensures the rubber roof, if laid correctly, will outlast many other materials that have lots of joins, such as rolls of bitumen felt.

Why is EPDM Rubber More Expensive Than Other Materials?

The rubber must be laid onto new or nearly new timber decking boards. Old boards, especially those with paint, tar or bitumen on them must be removed and replaced or overlaid with new decking sheets. This adds extra cost to the project.

How Long Does EPDM Rubber Last?

If installed correctly, the rubber will last over 30 years with some manufacturers claiming up to 50 years.

Do I Need to Replace the Insulation When I Replace my Flat Roof?

Building Regulations state that when renovating or replacing a flat roof, there must be adequate insulation installed. The easiest option is to install insulation backed decking boards under the new EPDM roof material (see an example here).

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