Roofline Fascia Soffit and Gutter Cost Calculator

See how much a replacement PVCu roofline will cost by using our calculator below.

Our price guide is for replacement PVCu fascias, soffits and guttering.

You will need the following, measurements in metres;

  • Total length of guttering
  • Total length of roofline boards

It would also be helpful if you note how many metres are for ground level (porch, garage etc) and how many are at higher levels (house, town house etc)


Your Next Step

We last updated this calculator in March 2017 but the results are not an offer of a contract.

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Get More Accurate Results

To increase the accuracy of your results, use the calculator for all ground level metres(porches, garages, bungalows etc) by selecting "bungalow" and then use the tool again for all higher metres by selecting "house" or "town houses".

Then add the two sums together.

Assumptions and Limitations

Our PVCu roofline cost calculator makes a few assumptions and there are also some limitations you should be aware of:


We have included the cost of VAT at the current rate of 20% in our figures.

If you choose a smaller business that is operating below the VAT registration threshold, then you can make a substantial saving, although you'll still pay VAT on any materials, as all suppliers are registered businesses.

Replacement or "Capping"?

The prices we have suggested are for the removal and replacement of the roofline with PVCu products. Capping is where thinner boards are used and are capped over the existing roofline. We have not created a calculator for this as we recommend full replacement in 99% of cases.

Scaffolding and Access

Our price guide assumes that the installer will have their own scaffold equipment which could be access towers, and Easi-dec system or a mixture of the two.

If you live in a town house that is higher than 3 storeys then you'll probably need to have the property professionally scaffolded at extra cost. Also, if your property overhangs a road or public footpath, a licence to block it during the works will need to be purchased.

Want to know how much scaffold costs in the UK? You need this page.

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