A Detailed Look at Roof Cleaning and Coating Prices

Call me old fashioned but I personally dislike coloured coatings and paints, whether they’re applied to roof tiles or driveways, I just find that they look too shiny and uniform and often don’t look natural.

That said, there are benefits to removing roof moss and sealing the tiles and as more and more roofs are now experiencing moss growth (this page explains why roof moss is a growing problem), this is an expanding industry.

So. how much does it typically cost to instruct a roofing or cleaning firm to go up on the roof and either remove the moss by hand or give the roof a jet clean? Also, what is a fair price to coat or seal the tiles after the cleaning work is completed?

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Roof coating applied to roof tiles

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1) Price to Remove Roof Moss by Hand

This is what the work involves:

  • Erect access equipment to roof height, this usually compromises an access tower and use of safety harnesses and ridge ladder.
  • Cover garden with plastic sheets.
  • Remove all the moss growing on the tiles by scraping it off.
  • Sweep over the tiles to remove any dust or small particles.
  • Inspect the roof and replace any damaged tiles.
  • Inspect cement to the roof and make good any repairs as needed.
  • Clear out the gutters and check the rainwater downpipes, unblock as required.
  • Apply one coat of moss treatment.
  • Remove access equipment and take away all waste.
Terraced house£600 inc vat
Semi detached£900 inc vat
Small detached w/garage£1200 inc vat
Large detached w/ porch and garage£1400 inc vat
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2) Cost to Jet Wash the Roof

This work entails:

  • Access equipment to work height.
  • Check the roof for any damaged or broken tiles and replace them as needed.
  • Disconnect gutters and cover the garden with plastic sheets.
  • Jet wash the roof starting at the highest point and working downwards.
  • Clear out gutters and reconnect to pipes after clearing them out too.
  • Inspect roof cement and carry out repairs as needed.
  • Apply one coat of moss killing chemical after the roof has dried.
  • Remove access equipment, clean windows as needed and remove all waste.
Terraced house£600 inc vat
Semi detached£800 inc vat
Small detached w/garage£1000 inc vat
Large detached w/ porch and garage£1100 inc vat
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3) Jet Roof Then Apply Roof Sealant or Coloured Coating

Coating or sealing should only be carried out on a roof that has been recently jet cleaned.

This is to ensure that any pollutants and algae are also removed and the tiles are ready to be painted/coated.

The prices in the table below, therefore include jet washing:

  • Ensure tiles are dry.
  • Cover surrounding area with plastic sheets.
  • Brush over the roof to remove dust.
  • Paint tiles with either a coloured coating or translucent sealant to the roof edges by hand.
  • Apply coating/sealant by sprayer to remaining roof tiles.
  • Allow to dry and apply a second coat.
  • Remove plastic sheets.
Terraced house£1200 inc vat
Semi detached£1750 inc vat
Small detached w/garage£2000 inc vat
Large detached w/ porch and garage£2500+ inc vat
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The price above INCLUDES a roof clean by jet washing.

Price Breakdown

The bar chart above shows where your money goes, we assume that the two-day project involves cleaning and coating a typical 3-bedroom property to a total cost of £1750.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?

ClockThis depends on many workers are on the project. A team of two will complete more work than a single person working alone.

The weather also affects the timescale. In winter there are fewer daylight hours and more rain which could delay the work.

Removing moss by hand with a scraper and brush is generally a slow process, so for a typical 3-bedroom house expect the work to take two days at most.

Jet washing can be done in less time so expect the work to take one day.

The coating or sealant is usually applied on another day after the roof has had a chance to dry out.

How Much Are Other People Paying For This Work?

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So if you’ve already sourced prices, please do let other visitors to our site know how much you were quoted:

N/A (Scotland)Was given an estimate of £600 to remove moss and wash roof with moss preventative treatment. The roof is on a three bedroom semi detached house. Is this a reasonable price? (2017)£600
Bob Latymer (N East)I've been looking at getting my roof cleaned and recoloured. Prices seem to be around £2000. (2017)£2000
Claire (London)We live in a terraced house, so just a front and back roof. To get rid of moss and spray a fungicide onto the tiles. The best price was £450 from a local trader who was recommended. Highest price from a bigger firm was £1200 lol. I can't imagine the work taking more than one day and a bottle of moss killer costs £20. Go figure. (2017)£450 - 1200
CJ (Guildford, Surrey)Our roof is quite large and has multiple facets and elevations. We've been gathering prices for moss removal and a treatment to stop it growing back. The lowest price so far is £2000 and the highest £3500. It is a large area though. I would advise anyone reading this to shop around, prices vary so much but this type of work is fairly straight forward. (2017)£2000-3250
Frankie (Berks)We had a lovely lad called [redacted] clean the moss from our roof and he also sealed it with a clear sealant which protects the tiles and stops the moss from eating into the tiles. His number is [redacted] -
I've already recommended him to my neighbours. (2017)
Colin Sisko (West Country)Great website! I love the way you have explained the step-by-step process and all the work that is involved. Your prices are a little low compared to the ones I have got from roofers in my area though. I'm having my roof jet washed, treated with a moss inhibitor and then two coats of weatherproof sealant in brown colour. (2017)£1950

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How Long Until the Moss Grows Back?

This depends on how much sunlight hits the roof.

For north-facing roofs – 2-3 years if the moss is removed manually and 4-5 years if it’s power washed and coated with a sealant.

For south-facing roofs expect moss to take longer to grow back due to the extra sunlight, perhaps an additional year or two.

What Type of Company Does This Work?

There are specialist roof cleaning companies that do this work.

Also, for manual moss removal, any roofing company will be able to undertake this work.

If you want the roof jet washed and a sealant or coating applied then we recommend a specialist company as they will have the correct spraying equipment for the paint.

VAT – Can You Avoid Paying This Tax?

VAT is a tax that is collected by some businesses and passed to HMRC (the tax office).

Not every business needs to collect this tax, some smaller firms or one-man type traders who operate below a threshold can trade without charging VAT.

We have created a very helpful guide to legally avoiding VAT here.

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The roof provides a perfect place for moss to grow as it get wet frequently and the rough surface materials allow algae and moss to grip the tiles. Overhanging trees and chimneys create shaded areas where moss tends to flourish before spreading to the rest of the roof.
Despite what some sales people may claim, this type of work is a maintenance procedure rather than an improvement, so while it may boost the kerb appeal of the home, it won't increase its value.

We have done our best to explain the costs involved with this type of work, we display the cost of things like materials, waste disposal, labour, vat and even estimate the profit margins a company would be looking to make.

Obviously, every business is different and the prices you receive may vary to ours, but you can use our website as a rough guide.

Roofing companies and specialist roof cleaners usually erect their own access equipment. Aluminium access towers can provide safe access to the roof in most circumstances. Roof ladders and harnesses can also be used

On some houses it is necessary to use a professional scaffold company as they can go higher, bridge over conservatories and extensions and also place scaffold above public footpaths.

This would obviously add additional cost above what we have quoted.

See our separate guide to scaffold prices here

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