How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Front Door in 2022?

Update April 2022: Building and home improvement materials are experiencing unprecedented price increases with some timber and plastic products costing 40-80% more than they did 18 months ago (more info here). Supply chain issues, labour shortages and fuel costs are also contributing to inflationary pressure which is well documented in the media. The prices on this page were updated in April 2022 but prices may go up or down in the coming months. We urge consumers to source at least three quotes for comparison (we can help – fill in this form to get your free quote online).

Are you thinking about replacing a front door and would like an idea of how much it will cost in 2022?

This page is all about front door costs, how much they cost to buy direct from a supplier, how long they take to fit and how much in labour fees you’re likely to be charged.

Front doors are often replaced at the same time as the windows, and this can work out cheaper, but there are occasions when just the door needs to be replaced, For example; if a door is damaged from a break-in, an accident or if you’ve just had a new porch built.

Use this guide on this page to get an idea of how much a new door will cost you.

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Composite Versus Upvc Door

Your first task is to decide what type of front door you would like.

Upvc doors are popular because they’re the cheapest and they blend in aesthetically with Upvc windows.

Composite doors are slightly thicker, look better and offer increased security but they are generally more expensive.

While Upvc doors are made from plastic, composite doors are made from a variety of materials which may include, fibreglass, Upvc, foam and timber.

Wooden doors are also available and they’re usually made from either solid timber or veneered wood, either way, they’re almost always more expensive. We’ve excluded timber doors from this price guide as their cost varies so much.

Supply-Only Price

A typical Upvc front door, including the frame, will set you back around £625 inc UK delivery.

A composite door is more expensive at around £900 inc UK delivery.

Prices weres sourced from Just Doors UK in April 2022 and the doors cost around 12-15% more than they did a year ago when we last checked.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Front Door?

A Upvc or composite front door can usually be replaced by a professional on a like-for-like basis in around 1.5 – 2hours.

First-time DIYers may need a little longer time to fit a door.

The work may take longer if doorbells or security devices such as alarm points need to be fitted.

Which Type of Door is the Most Secure?

The front door is the most common point of entry for burglars.

Composite doors are more difficult to break into than plastic Upvc doors.

Also, ask the manufacturer or fitter about any security and lock upgrades they can offer, we haven’t included the cost of these upgrades in our prices. Different doors have different locking mechanisms and there are affordable steps you can take to make your front door more secure.

Labour Fees

Labour fees are based on how long it takes to order the parts, arrange for delivery and storage and also, of course, the installation itself. Waste disposal fees for the old door and profit margins also need to be considered, along with VAT if applicable.

Use our tables below as a front door price guide:

Upvc Door:

Typical Upvc front door£625
Sundries, sealants and trims etc£25
Waste disposal of old door£40
Labour, profit margins etc£350
Notes:Larger firms will charge VAT on the labour/profit margins, which we have excluded from this price guide
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Composite Door:

Typical composite front door£950
Sundries, sealants and trims etc£25
Waste disposal of old door£36
Labour, profit margins etc£350
Notes:Larger firms will charge VAT on the labour/profit margins, which we have excluded from this price guide
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As you can see from the table above, you can expect to pay around £1100 to replace a door with a typical Upvc door, including the frame. The prices go up to around £1400 for a composite door.

Expect to Pay More or Less If:

Composite doors cost more than Upvc doors; timber doors cost even more, sometimes substantially more.

Doors with lots of glass panels will cost more, so make sure you get lots of quotes, ideally at least three.

You can, of course, save money by installing the door yourself if you have good DIY skills.

Alternatively, you can measure the door opening, order the door yourself and get a local handyman to fit it for you. This method will probably save you money, but if you get the measurements wrong, you’ll be left with a door that you can’t return.

Not every door fitter will charge you VAT on their labour, smaller firms and “one-man” type traders often operate their businesses below the VAT registration threshold.

This page explains how you can save money by legally avoiding VAT.

Our price guide assumes you choose a local window/door fitting firm; you can expect large national companies to charge you more, sometimes substantially more. These firms often have sales staff, managers, shareholders and other costs that need to be covered. A door that is priced at £1200 by a small local firm can easily cost upwards of £2000 by a larger company. That said, there will always be traders that can install the door cheaper than the prices we’ve suggested.

The bottom line is this: shop around and get at least three quotes, if you don’t, you probably won’t get a good deal.

Good Sites Where You Can Source “Supply Only” Prices:

The websites listed below are great for sourcing prices for front doors on a “supply only” basis.

The prices usually include the door, frame, hinges, fixings and letterbox.

They normally exclude the cost of fitting, trims, sealants, house numbers, door knockers and bells etc. Check out these sites and you’ll get a rough idea of what to expect in terms of pricing.

Just Doors UK – we are not affiliated with this firm but have used them in the past so we referenced their prices within this guide.

Direct Doors are slightly more expensive but also have a good range of choices.

Although timber doors are outside the scope of the price guide on this page, we know several folks who have ordered from and have nothing but good things to say about them (also check their Trust Pilot ratings here).

When Replacing a Door, Should the Frame Also be Replaced?

Timber doors can sometimes be hung on an existing timber frame if it’s in good condition.

Upvc or composite doors usually need to be hung on a specific matching frame that’s made by the same manufacturer. If you have such a door and it’s not too old, you might be able to replace just the door, while keeping the frame. Upvc and composite doors are usually sold as a complete set, with the frame, hinges etc included as a package.

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