Removal Company Prices: Updated For 2022

Update 2022: Fuel and wage costs are rising fast in the UK and as a result, prices are going considerably. This has been widely reported in the media and confirmed by our own research. On this page, we take a look at removal company costs in the UK.

This page forms part of our recently updated and popular guide to moving home costs in the UK.

If you live in a small flat or a rented room, van hire is probably the cheapest and easiest way to transport your possessions to your new home.

For those living in anything larger than a one-bedroom home, a professional removal company is your best bet.

These companies will have the right size vehicles for the move, and experience in how to load and unload the items safely and quickly. They also offer additional services, such as packing, unpacking, and assembling furniture and can sell you boxes to store your items in.

Removal companies also offer insurance that will protect your valuables in the event of a theft or accident; this is something you won’t get with standard van hire.

But how much does a removal company cost? What is the final bill after all those added extras and options are included in the price?

On this page, you’ll find our recently updated price guide along with some great tips to help you get a great deal.

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The Cost to Use The Services of a Removal Firm

In May 2022, we asked 19 removal firms from various locations around the UK to provide us with a price for taking our possessions from our house in London and deliver them to our new address in Wiltshire.

Our property has three bedrooms and contains all the usual items; bed, sofas, tables and electronic items etc. It doesn’t contain anything that would be classed as high value or requiring special treatment such as a piano.

Below you can see the average removal company price, this is calculated from all 19 removal firms:

Average Removal Company Cost (London to Wiltshire)£1050
Additional Packing Service Cost£300

Try This Tip to Save Money

We were advised by a friend to get quotes from removal firms in Wiltshire. It was suggested that wages in London are higher so their fees will be more than firms based in Wiltshire.

It doesn’t matter where the removal company is based; they can be located in any area between London and Wiltshire, the total distance they’ll need to travel is the same.

With that in mind, we asked a further 12 firms, but this time from Wiltshire, to give us prices.

Below you’ll see the results.

Average Removal Company Cost (Based in Wiltshire)£925
Additional Packing Service Cost£250

As you can see, it was cheaper to use a removal firm at our destination rather than our current location.

If you live in London or any large city and are planning a move to the countryside, do shop around by checking prices from firms at both locations.

Where to Find Reliable Removal Firms

While Checkatrade is an excellent place to read reviews created by past customers, the best place to find a removal firm is via the British Association of Removers.

BAR is the number one trade association for removers in the UK and has a code of practice for all members and a dispute resolution service.

Find a remover via BAR here.

Save More Money With These Tips

Boxes are one area where removal companies can make extra profit.

The best way to avoid any last-minute expenses is to prepare for the move in advance thoroughly.

Ebay and Amazon are great places to buy cheap large boxes that are perfect for moving home.

You can even purchase kits that contain double-walled boxes for extra strength, bubble wrap and tape.

These boxes can be stored for your next house move or sold on eBay to recoup some of the cost.

Things You Should Ask Your Removal Firm

  • Ask for a pre-move inspection so the firm will have the best-sized van and equipment for the move.
  • Enquire about their packing service, who will be supplying the boxes, if you’re renting them or hiring them etc.
  • Dismantling and assembly fees vary and will depend on the number and type of furniture.
  • Ask how many vans they will be using, some smaller firms may use several transit vans which aren’t as convenient as one larger van.
  • Ask about how they will protect your possessions, if they have covers and blankets or if you must supply them. This can be the difference between a good and bad move.
  • Request a copy of their insurance certificate and check the level of cover.
  • Some firms charge an extra fee per mile for house moves outside of their local area.

What About Van Self Drive Hire?

Van hire is the cheapest option, but depending on how far you need to travel and how late the property exchange takes place, you may need to hire the van for two days.

While Transit and Luton vans can be hired by anyone with a full driving licence, they usually need to be dropped off by 5pm or a second full day’s hire will be charged.

Van hire is perfect for those with very few possessions but isn’t practical for those living in larger homes.

“Man and Van” Rates

“Man and Van” rates are always more than van hire but less than what a removal company would charge. Most are insured but some won’t offer adequate insurance to the same level as a professional removal firm.

Based on our research, we think you’ll pay around £350 – £450 for a van and two workers to help you move from London to Wiltshire.

Rates vary from firm to firm, and the cost of fuel must be taken into account but there’s plenty of choice with “van and man” firms to be found in every town in the UK.

This type of service is perfect for light removals by those who don’t want to hire their own self-drive vehicle.

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We hope you found our 2022 guide to removal company costs to be insightful. This guide was created by the team behind Job Prices.

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