10 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums in 2022

If there’s one word that describes motoring in the UK it’s expensive.

Fuel costs have yet again skyrocketed and insurance tax is at an all-time high.

We’ve already published a researched price guide so newbie car drivers can get an idea of how much their car servicing will cost.

This complements our recently updated guide to motoring costs in the UK.

Below you’ll find 10 realistic ways you can reduce your car insurance premiums.

So without further ado, get stuck in and hopefully, you’ll save a packet:

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1) Don’t Pay by Direct Debit

If you can afford to pay upfront you’ll save between 5% and 20% compared to the cost you’ll pay if choosing direct debit.

Direct debit payments usually include a setup fee, interest or both. This can really bump up the cost of the policy.

2) Park the Vehicle Off the Main Road

Keeping the vehicle on the road overnight increases the chances of damage or theft.

Store it on a driveway and you’ll reduce your premiums by up to 5%.

Keep it locked garage each night and you’ll shave up to 15% off the cost of your car insurance.

3) Adjust the Mileage Cap

The more miles you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident.

For this reason, set a realistic mileage cap so you aren’t paying for miles you won’t drive.

4) Adjust the Amount of Excess You’re Prepared to Pay

The amount of excess you’re prepared to pay will affect your premium – but only up to a point.

Adding an extra £100 or so to your voluntary excess can reduce the premium by a significant amount. Beyond this, you’ll only reduce the cost by a smaller amount but you could be hit with a huge bill should you make a claim.

Each insurer is different so get quotes for varying amounts of excess.

5) Don’t Automatically Assume Third Party Insurance is Cheapest

Third party insurance doesn’t include the cost of repairing your car.

Put simply, choosing this policy tells your insurer that you don’t care about your vehicle.

If you’re young, driving an old and powerful vehicle that isn’t worth much, they may see you as a high-risk customer.

6) Don’t Use the Car For Work or During Peak Times

Most accidents happen during peak driving hours, so if you don’t use the car at these times, check if your insurer offers a discount.

If the car is your second vehicle and you don’t use it to drive to work, make sure you exclude commuting from your policy.

7) Fit Additional Security Features

Fitting Thatcham approved alarms, steering locks and trackers can reduce your premiums as it tells your insurer you care about your vehicle.

But first, check a selection of insurers to see if it’s worth the investment.

8) Haggle at Renewal Time

Insurers almost always offer discounts to new customers to encourage them to switch insurance providers.

These introductory offers are rarely applied to the renewal price by default.

Rather than switching providers, haggle with your existing insurer and try to get the discount applied again.

9) Use the Correct Job Title

Did you know that your job title or description can significantly affect your insurance premiums?

Research by the price comparison website GoCompare revealed that healthcare workers are most likely to make a claim and this will be reflected in the quotes given to employees in this profession.

Footballers and car dealers typically make fewer claims than the national average.

The Mirror newspaper has even claimed there’s a significant difference between the prices given to a “chef” and “kitchen staff”.

We suggest you accurately describe your profession but check the prices given for other terms that also describe your job.

10) Add a More Experienced Driver to Your Policy

If you are the main driver on the policy, it is an offence to claim another driver is instead. A false claim like this could also invalidate the policy.

However, adding a secondary driver who has a long, clean driving record can reduce your premiums.

Only one person can drive the car at any one time and if the other driver is less likely to have an accident, this can nudge your premium downwards.

Where Next?

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