How Much Does Private Health Insurance Cover Cost?

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service offers free medical care to its citizens. This service covers almost all known medical conditions but some breakthrough treatments and expensive drugs are excluded due to budget constraints.

This government provided medical care is funded from money raised via the general tax system. Patients are not charged a fee at the point of use and there is no extra taxation for anyone that uses the NHS.

The latest statistics (The Guardian 2017) reveal that just over 10% of the UK population has some form of additional medical insurance.

Those living outside the UK may wonder why some citizens feel the need to pay extra for medical insurance when they can get health care for free.

The primary reasons are:

  • Access to treatments and drugs that are not available on the NHS.
  • Quicker detection, diagnosis and treatment of conditions – the NHS is prone to long waiting times for certain non-life threating conditions such as hip replacements (up to 18 weeks).
  • Private rooms rather than open wards.
  • The private medical insurance is offered for free or heavily discounted by their employer, making it more attractive.

While the NHS is a much-loved service in the United Kingdom and is certainly more than a basic medical service, there are limitations due to budget constraints.

Cost of Private Medical Health Insurance in the United Kingdom

During 2018 we contacted four private medical insurers and asked them to provide us with a year’s worth of cover for a 37-year-old male, a non-smoker with no previous serious or chronic medical conditions.

The purpose of our research is to provide our visitors with a researched guide price for the medical cover.

We wanted the healthcare coverage to include the following items, most did although there were some variations in cover from provider to provider:

Hospital treatmentsIncluded
Cancer cover including breathrough treatments not available on the NHS if clinically suitableIncluded
Mental health coverNot included by all provider
Pre and post treatment scansIncluded
Pre and post treatment testsIncluded
Outpatient consultationsIncluded
Treatment at homeIncluded
Home nursingNot included by all providers
Private ambulanceNot included by all providers

Most of the providers we contacted excluded the following from their cover:

Pre existing conditionsExcluded
Chronic conditionsExcluded
Natural ageing and age related nursingExcluded

Here are the results, based on four UK providers:

Bupa – £55.00 pm

Axa – £72.00 pm

The Exeter – £82.00 pm

CS Healthcare – £87.00 pm

Average – £74.00 per month

Our Recommendation for the Best Cover

Having spent hours reading through policy documents and sourcing prices for various levels of cover, we think that Bupa offers the best value for money.

Their prices are slightly less than other providers and they include several treatments others have excluded.

Obviously, the best cover for you will depend on your circumstances and budget.

The contents of this page should not be seen as medical or financial advice, we just wanted to research private medical healthcare cover costs in the UK.