15 Handpicked Practical Gifts For Gardeners

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a keen gardener?

Fed up with looking at cheesy gift ideas that are so impractical, they’ll never be used?

Try our list of practical gift ideas for green-fingered gardeners:

1) Autonomous Lawn Mower

lawn mower giftThis would make the perfect gift for the lawn enthusiast who spends far too much time pruning and trimming grass.

With a long-lasting battery, this robotic lawn mower will trim the lawn automatically, so no more pushing a lawnmower around the garden, this device will do all the work for you.

The Flymo 1200R will automatically return to its charging station when the battery is low, it comes complete with boundary wires so the device never leaves the lawn and is 100% pet-friendly.

It’s also quiet, has an anti-theft alarm and is designed to work on lawns up to 400sqm – making this a perfect gift.

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2) Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Battery leaf blower giftSmall, compact, lightweight but packs quite a punch – literally!

This leaf blower by VonHaus is cordless, has 15 minutes of blow time and is complemented by a modern battery that only takes 1 hour to full charge.

On its own, this leaf blower would be perfect for porches, car porches, driveways and patios.

Add an extra battery and you’ll get up to 30 minutes of blow time, enough for most small and medium-sized gardens.

This leaf blower would make a great gift for anyone who’s still using a broom and brush to pick up leaves and other garden waste.

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3) Cordless Edging Shears

Cordless shears

Why use old fashioned manual shears when you can use lightweight, battery-powered shears instead?

Weighing under 500g and with an impressive 50-minute battery, these shears are perfect for shrubs and small hedges where finer attention to detail is required.

The device also comes with a grass attachment, perfect for creating neat edges and for trimming difficult to access areas.

Manufactured by Bosch, this is a good quality product with spare parts easy to get hold of. It also comes with additional attachments so you can convert the device into a garden spreader.

We think this would make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time trimming fine hedge, shrubs and lawn edges.

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4) Lawn Aerating Shoes


Lawn spike shoes

If you know anything about lawns, you’ll know that they need to be aerated from time to time.

This improves drainage, prevent moss growth and encourage root development.

If you have a friend who is a keen lawn enthusiast, chances are they’re aerating their lawn with either a fork or a spiked roller.

These spiked shoes are perfect for those obsessed with keeping their lawn in perfect order.

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5) 8 Piece Gardening Set

gardening gift set

This 8-piece gift set for gardeners contains 5 tools; a trowel, weeder, transplanter, rake and a cultivator.

These tools are complemented by a sturdy set of gloves and pruning shears which all sit neatly in a tote bag, which is ideal for storage.

All the items are extremely strong and made rust-free aluminium but are manufactured with soft and comfortable handles.

Choose this gardener’s gift for either a man or woman who loves tending to plants in their garden.

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6) Garden Gift Clock

garden wall clock gift

Do you know someone who spends far too much time pottering around in their garden?

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re busy potting, trimming and tending to a beautiful garden.

Remind your gift recipient of the time with this elegant waterproof garden hanging clock which would look stylish in any garden.

With a double-sided face displaying classic Roman numerals, we think this clock would compliment any patio, wall, fence or summerhouse.

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7) Personalised Garden Gift – Shed Sign

Personalised garden shed sign

Make a statement with a personalised sign that would look great on a garage, shed or even a workshop.

There are dozens of logos to choose from and two lines of completely personalised text, including a bold header.

Made from real hand-cut natural slate, this product has rough edges, uneven surfaces and a rustic feel.

We think this would make a perfect gardener’s gift.

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8) Grow Funky Veg

Funky veg kit

This is perhaps the funkiest gift you could buy for a keen gardener!

Inside the box, you’ll find seeds for purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red Brussel sprouts and multi-coloured swiss chards.

This is complemented with peat growing pots, peat blocks and markers.

There’s also a growing booklet to help your gift recipient get started.

Brighten up more than just a garden with these multi-coloured, great-tasting vegetables that are fun to grow.

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9) Waterproof Gardener’s Apron

Gardening apron

One of the more practical gifts you can buy, this apron is heavy-duty, waterproof and with six pockets, has plenty of space for tools, seeds and other gardening items.

This apron has a waxed surface while repels the water and makes cleaning the apron easy – just wipe away with a wet cloth.

The waist strap is fully adjustable, making this a perfect gift for anyone who loves spending time in their garden or shed.

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10) Bee and Bug Hotel

Bee and bug hotel

The bee population is in decline and other important insects and bugs aren’t faring much better.

The urbanisation of once suitable habitat has pushed many important pollinators to the brink of extinction.

As recently as 2019, mass bee deaths have been reported in Russia along with almost every other country on the planet reporting reduced numbers.

We’ve even created an in-depth bee guide to help you do your bit for crucial pollinators such as bees.

The bee hotel is a great way to encourage bees and insects into your or your gift recipient’s garden.

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11) Soil Testing Kit

Soil testing kit

There’s only one way to be 100% sure garden plants will grow optimally and flourish with colour – test the acidity/alkaline levels in the soil and add compost and top up the soil to adjust the levels for the plants within the garden or pots.

In fact; soil testing is one of the tricks professional gardeners use to ensure their plants grow perfectly, every season, year in and year out.

The good news is soil testing is no cheaper than ever and home testing kits can be purchased online.

Get instant results and find out of your plants are growing in soil that’s too acidic or contains too much alkaline for them.

We’ve listed the best soil testing kits here, The button below takes you to one of our favourites.

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12) Modern & Stylish Chiminea

Modern chiminea

A modern chiminea can brighten up any garden and this stylish burner is a whopping 1.6 metres tall and finished in heat resistant black surfacing.

Perfect for creating evening heat and light, this chiminea will add atmosphere to any social event and it looks stunning in daylight too.

Chimineas are prone to rusting so prolong their life by purchasing a suitable cover for winter and rainy days,

We love chimineas and think your gift recipient would too!

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13) Solar Powered Decorative Garden Lights

Solar garden lights

Solar lights have come a long way in the last few years; batteries hold their charge for longer and LED lights are both powerful and energy-efficient.

Gone are the days when a small solar light needed a huge array of panels, now a small panel the size of a matchbox is enough to power a small light.

We think the best decorative garden lights are those that make use of shadows and patterns, but of course, there are hundreds to choose from, to suit all tastes and garden designs.

(We love these so much we’ve even created a list of the very best garden solar lights we could find)

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14) Solar Security Light

Solar security light

Solar lights are now so powerful that they aren’t only used as decorative garden features but also for security.

This solar-powered security light comes with 3 modes – always on with medium brightness, always on with a dim light and then full brightness when the sensor detects movement, the third mode is off until motion is detected, then full brightness.

The coverage of this light is boosted to 270° – courtesy of angled LEDs which total 100 per light.

Place this light anywhere in the garden, above a shed or garage door, near a front porch or as a general garden security light.

Affordable, super bright and with no cables, this would make the perfect security gift.

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15) Window Bird Feeder

Window bird feeder

Bird feeders are popular in many gardens and rightly so, they bring wildlife into our own personal space.

Rather than hanging feeders from stations or branches, try a window bird feeder.

This type of feeder using transparent plastic so you can see the birds ultra closeup, sometimes you’ll find the birds are only a few inches away from you.

Perfect for photographers and anyone that wants to get close to birdlife in their garden.

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This guide to the best practical gifts for gardeners was created by and was last updated in October 2019.

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Author - Danny Woodley
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