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Your prices seem too high/low, what gives?

The figures displayed in our calculator are based upon prices provided to us from businesses up and down the UK for this type of work. There will always be some variation with smaller one-man businesses charging less than large nationals. Our calculator is designed to provide you with the average rate for central heating powerflushing.

Where can I find powerflushing companies online that offer competitive prices?

We’ve teamed up with Rated People who can provide you with up to three quotes from local tradespeople, there’s no obligation on your part and you’ll receive the prices online. Fill in this form to get started.

How long does it take to powerflush a central heating system?

A typical heating system in an average-sized property will take about a day. Smaller homes may take between half and one full day while larger properties may take longer than one day. It’s very rare for a domestic central heating powerflush takes more than a day and a half.

Will I really see any reduction on my heating bills after a powerflush?

This will depend on how badly clogged and inefficient the existing system was prior to the powerflush. In general, if you plan to live in the property for more than 10 years you may get some or all of your money back through reduced heating bills.

What are the other key benefits of a powerflush?

Your radiators will heat up more quickly, there’s less strain on the central heating pump meaning it will last longer and should run more quietly. You may notice less noise from the central heating system in general.

How much do other visitors to this site think a powerflush will cost?

In 2017 started a poll where we asked our site’s visitors how much they thought it would cost to powerflush a heating system.

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