How Much Does Plastering Cost?

Update 2022: The cost of home improvement projects is skyrocketing in the UK with prices costing 40 – 70% more than they did 18 months ago. This has been reported in the media and confirmed by our own research. The plastering prices on this page were updated in April 2022. If you would like a fixed price, please fill in this form with details of your plastering project.

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Here are our 2022 updated plastering prices:

Patch repair£75 - £125 or whatever the minimum charge is
Overskim one wall in a medium-sized room£175 - £200
New plasterboard and plaster finish to one wall in a mid-size room£375 - £425
Plaster overskim to an entire mid-size room£250 - £350
New boards and plaster finish to an entire mid-size room£1000 - £1300
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Welcome to Job Prices – one of the leading home improvement websites in the United Kingdom. Wall plastering is one of those skills that can take a long time to perfect, while it may not appear to be a technically difficult job, achieving a good finish is usually the result of years of practice.

Whether you need a patch repair, a whole wall plastered or even an entire room, we have a plastering price for you and below you’ll find more detailed examples of plastering projects and prices.

plaster being applied to wall

On this page, you see the going rate in 2022 for:

1 – A Patch Repair

2 – One Wall Overskimmed

3 – One Wall New Plaster Boards and Plaster

4 – One Room Overskimmed

5 – One Room New Plaster Boards and Plaster

1 – Patch Repair a Wall

This is an easy project, perhaps a small patch of plaster has come loose and just needs to be replaced. While in some cases it’s best to overskim the whole wall to avoid any lines and ensure a consistently smooth finish, you can have a patch repair carried out if you wish. Expect to pay anything from £75 to £125 or whatever your tradesman’s minimum charge is.

2 – Cost to Overskim a Wall

This work requires the application of a PVA solution to the existing old plaster (1 or 2 coats) and then a plaster overskim. Expect the work to take less than half a day and the cost of the materials to be around £20.00. The total cost for the labour and materials will be between £175 and £200

3 – New Plaster Boards and Plaster to One Wall

This type of work is usually carried out if the existing plasterboard is in really bad condition and needs to be ripped out and replaced. The boards then have plaster applied to the surface.  The cost of the materials will be around £75 for a wall in a medium-sized room, also allow £50 for waste disposal and around £300 for the labour. So the total cost will be around £400

4 – Plaster Overskimming to an Entire Room

Any loose paint is removed from the walls and PVA applied in one or two coats. Next, the walls are overskimmed, usually in just one coat but some plasterers prefer two coats, one immediately after the other. For a medium-sized room expect the materials to cost about £75 and labour of around £225. Total cost: £300

5 – New Boards and Plaster to an Entire Room

This work involves ripping out the existing plasterboards to an entire mid-sized room, installing new boards and plastering the surface with two layers. For a medium-sized room the plaster, PVA, fixings and boards will cost around £325 and the waste disposal £100. You’ll probably pay around £700 in labour although this depends on where you live in the UK. So to re-board and plaster an entire room, expect to pay around £1150.

6 – Soundproofing

If you’re having a wall skimmed or replastered, now would be a good time to address any issues you’re experiencing with noise pollution.

We’ve created a very informative help guide for soundproofing here.

Notable Exclusions

We haven’t included the cost of any insulation behind the boards. Insulation backed boards are more pricey so would add extra cost to the job.

VAT is not included in the price examples we have displayed above. However, most of the tradespeople we have employed in the past to do this type of work have been operating below the VAT registration threshold.

Obviously, if you were to instruct a larger company to do this work, the cost would be higher to cover their overheads etc.

The type of tradespeople we have used in the past were “one-man” type businesses with minimal overheads. We don’t know how much larger companies would charge as we have never used them for plastering.

VAT – Not Everyone Pays It. Can You Save Money?

VAT is a tax that applies to most purchases of goods and services in the United Kingdom.

The current rate is 20% but not every business charges this tax.

Some smaller firms and individuals that are operating below the registration threshold do not need to charge VAT.

We have created a very insightful guide to legally avoiding VAT – which you can find on this page.

Compare to Render Prices

While plaster and render are fundamentally different, some people still confuse the two.

Plaster is applied to internal walls and render to external walls.

If you want to see the going rate for external render work, check out our render price guide here.

Watch a Time-Lapse Video:

3 Plastering Websites Worth Exploring

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10 things you should know about plaster – British Gypsum

How to DIY plaster walls – Home Channel

Survey of plastering prices – Quotation Check

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This depends on the cause and depth of the cracking in the wall. It's best to think of a skim layer as a decoration rather than a structural layer. For deep cracks, replacing the backing board or overboarding is the best option. For minor cracks, a scrim tape can be used but if movement caused the crack, this should be resolved first

We provide detailed price guides for homeowners and others considering home improvement projects in the UK.

We have knowledge of the construction industry ourselves but we also rely on information provided to us by friends and colleagues in the profession.

It typically takes between one and a half days, depending on the size of the room to be plastered.

After the plaster has been allowed to dry a watered down paint called a mist layer is first applied. Once this has dried, two additional full thickness coats are then applied.

Not sure how long it takes for the plaster to dry? Check out our guide to plaster drying times

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

Day Rates For Tradespeople

Wall plaster is made from lime or gypsum mixed with water and sand. It's trowelled onto internal walls to leave a neat, smooth finish. Plaster should not be confused with render which is applied to external walls.

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