Pet Corner: See How Much it Costs to Keep a Pet in the UK (and more bonus content!)

Welcome to Job Price’s guide to keeping a pet in the United Kingdom.

If you’ve never owned a pet before and would like an idea of how much they cost to maintain, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have six in-depth help guides for you to digest and hopefully, we’ll produce more soon, depending on how popular these pages become:

Man’s Best Friend – The Dog

This is an excellent guide for anyone who has never owned a dog before.

We explain all the costs you can expect to incur, including but not limited to; food, insurance, vet bills, toys and kenneling.

Explore our guide to dog ownership costs here:

Not Quite Man’s Best Friend But a Close Second

A feline companion is cheaper than a dog but how much does it really cost to own a cat for an entire lifetime?

Read our insightful and in-depth guide to cat ownership costs here:

Rabbits – A Cheaper Alternative Or Are They?

Here we dig into the costs you can expect to pay to own a rabbit:

Puppy Vaccinations and Boosters

Puppies and dogs require vaccines and immunisations to protect them from illnesses and diseases.

How much do they cost and often do they need to be administered?

Explore our guide to canine vaccines here:

Kitten and Cat Vaccines

Just like dogs, cats require vaccines and boosters to keep them healthy and to prevent the spread of harmful diseases.

Check out our guide here:

Going Away on Holiday?

Before you buy a pet, you’ll need to think about who will look after it when you go on holiday or when you are at work for long hours.

Will you ask a friend or relative? Would they be happy to look after your pet every time you go away?

Kennels and catteries offer services to pet owners and if your animal is accustomed to a life of luxury at home, you can even choose a cat or dog “hotel”.

We contacted 10 kenneling firms in the UK and asked them to provide us with a price to look after a cat and dog for two weeks.

This page reveals the results of our research:

In March 2018 we also asked 35 dog walkers how much it costs to walk a dog:

Dog Grooming Costs

In June 2018 we asked 25 dog groomers how much they would charge to groom two different sized dogs.

Explore our dog grooming price guide here.

Nail clipping dog

See How You Can Stop Any Dog From Barking Excessively

Explore our guide to stopping dogs from barking excessively when they’re left alone at home.

This is a great read if you’ve received a complaint from a neighbour.

Follow these actionable steps and you, your dog and your neighbours will be happier.

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