Pest Control in the UK – A Look at Prices

This page is all about pest control prices and how much you can expect to pay to eradicate wasps, woodworm, bed bugs, silverfish and rodent infestations.

Our prices were last updated in 2021 and we can also point you in the right direction so you can get a price for your pest control job.

Wasp Nest Treatment Cost

Wasp nests are incredibly easy to treat.

A chemical powder is sprayed at the entrance to the nest and the incoming wasps carry the residue into the nest where it kills off the wasps.

Most nests only require a single treatment and you can expect all the wasps to be dead within 24 hours.

The average cost of a single wasp nest treatment is £65.00.

DIY products are available online but are only suitable for nests that can be easily reached.

wasp nest - large

Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate.

In most cases, at least two treatments are required, usually 2 – 3 weeks apart. This is because the eggs are extremely durable and can survive a single dose.

In some severe cases, valuable items in the home may need to be heat treated. Some replaceable products, such as rugs and mattresses may need to be thrown away.

The average cost of a 2-step chemical bed bug treatment program for a 2-bed house is around £220. This rises to around £300 for either a 3-bed home or a 3-step program.

While DIY products can be purchased online, these are only suitable for minor infestations that have been detected early.

Woodworm Eradication

Woodworm often thrives in wet, moist and damp areas so it makes sense to solve the damp issue first. Only then should a chemical wood treatment program be considered.

The average cost to treat woodworm in a 3-bed home is between £450 and £850 depending on the severity of the infestation.

This guide contains a more in-depth look at woodworm prices in the UK.

There are dozens of DIY products available online and many of them are of very good quality. The biggest issue for the DIYer is gaining access to all the timbers, this could involve lifting flooring and carpets.

Silverfish Removal

Silverfish are small wingless insects that thrive under skirting boards, within cracks and between floor tiles in damp places such as bathrooms and basements,

These insects are considered a mild pest as they don’t transmit diseases although they are destructive as they consume paper, glues, silk and cotton.

You’ll rarely see silverfish during the day or when the lights are on, they prefer the dark.

Silverfish grow up to 19mm in length.

These insects are very tough and extremely difficult to eradicate. In most cases, several repeat chemical treatments will be required. They do have one weakness though; they are very particular about their environment and dislike dry, sterile homes.

Even after a successful treatment, silverfish are likely to return unless you make your home less silverfish “friendly”.

We suggest decluttering the home and removing any items that silverfish consume. Any damp issues should be resolved and if needed, extra ventilation introduced, especially to the bathroom which is a popular location for silverfish to flourish.

Floor and wall tiles should be re-grouted to fill in any gaps. Cracks in walls and near skirting boards should be sealed and extra light should be allowed into the room if possible.

Expect to pay around £200 for a chemical treatment.

While there are DIY products available they aren’t likely to be effective against an insect as hardy as silverfish.

Rat and Mice Treatment Prices

Rats and mice can be eradicated through a treatment plan that involves bait boxes and poison.

To prevent a reinfestation, steps will need to be taken to remove their food sources. Your pest control expert can offer bespoke advice.

Expect to pay around £190 for a treatment program that involves two visits.

Rat bait boxes and poison can be purchased online and are very effective.

Save Money if You Recieve Benefits

Some councils offer considerable discounts to residents in their catchment area that receive means-tested benefits.

As just one example; Wandsworth council charges £118 for a rat treatment but reduces this to £70.80 for certain benefit claimants.

See Wandsworth council’s pest control price list here.

If you receive benefits, we suggest you first contact your local council and check their prices for pest control.

Fox and Cat Deterrents

If your garden is being ruined by unwanted foxes and cats, check out our fox deterrent guide or our cat deterrent guide here.

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