Pensioners & Older Persons Missing Out On Up To 20% Discounts

It’s that time of year again.

Us folks behind Job Prices send out yearly price requests to hundreds of businesses to gauge how much they charge for home improvement projects such as:

and many more.

It’s now April 2022, and we’ve received all of the prices from our selected businesses and tradespeople for this year; we’ll be updating our site’s price guides and related content over the next few weeks.

This year, our process changed slightly. In addition to asking for prices, we also asked if the businesses offered discounts to pensioners.

36% of the firms that responded stated that they offer discounts to those of pension age, and while the amounts varied, the discounts were between 5% and 20%.

Interestingly, we looked at the websites and promotional material published by the firms and found that less than 1% of them mentioned the discounts.

The key takeaway from this is: If you want a better price for a home improvement or repair project, you’ll need to ask, as many firms don’t promote these offers.

With that in mind, we also updated our guide to the benefits, grants and financial assistance that pensioners and older persons in the UK are entitled to.

Our old guide was a couple of years out of date, and newer schemes, benefits and grants are now available.

You can explore the updated guide here.

2022 and Beyond

We’ve all seen considerable changes to the world we live in during the last two years, and as the UK economy bounces back from covid restrictions and the war in Ukraine progresses, new challenges lay ahead.

The fuel cost is skyrocketing, as are other business costs, which have led to sharp home improvement price increases.

Some sectors are seeing inflation of over 20% due to the increased cost of imported goods and rising wages.

Our price guides will be updated with the new figures by the end of April 2022.

I hope you find the prices insightful and that they provide you with insights into how much the going rate is for home improvement and repair projects.

As always, our advice is to get at least three written quotes and to ask each provider if they offer a discount.

You might be surprised at the replies you get.

Don’t forget to compare them to our database of prices, so you can see if you’re being overcharged.

All the best.

Claire Mitchell

Job Prices