Cost to Paint and Redecorate a Room

This page is part of our series on the home improvement prices charged by tradespeople in the UK. While lots of people choose to redecorate their own homes, for many of us, this isn’t an option. Use this page as a guide to room painting costs, we break down the price so you can see where your money goes and how long the work will take.

House redecoration is the perfect way to improve the visual appeal of any home, it’s affordable, can be completed in a timely manner and will increase the saleability of the property.

To get an idea of how much it costs to paint a room, you first need to calculate how long the work will take.

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Room?

Use this as a guide, not every step will be required but most will:

  • Preparation work such as buying paints and cleaning equipment – 30 mins.
  • Remove furniture and cover the floor with sheets – 15 mins.
  • Clean any grease or nicotine stains from the surfaces with sugar soap – 30 mins.
  • Apply masking tape to protect sensitive areas – 15-30 mins.
  • Rub down timber doors, skirting boards, trims and windowsills – 45 mins.
  • “Cut in” along the ceiling, corners and floor with a brush for a neat finish and use a roller to apply emulsion paint to the remaining wall/ceiling surfaces – 1.5 hours per coat.
  • Apply undercoat to wooden trims/skirts/windowsills/doors – 1.5 hours per coat.
  • Apply top gloss coat to wooden trims/skirts/windowsills/doors – 1.5 hours per coat.
  • Tidy up and place furniture back in the room – 30 mins.

As you can see, the actual painting doesn’t take too long and the preparation work takes nearly as much time.

As a general rule of thumb, a medium-sized room requiring walls, ceiling and timber skirts/trims/sills painting will take between one day and a day and a half.

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Cost to Paint a Room

Here’s a breakdown of the materials needed to paint a typical medium-sized room:

  • Tape.
  • White spirit/cleaning materials such as sugar soap.
  • Covers and sheets etc.
  • Filler.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Brushes, rollers etc.
  • 1 x Paint – ceiling.
  • 1 x paint – walls.
  • 1 x wood primer/undercoat.
  • 1 x gloss topcoat for timber.

The price will obviously depend on the type and quality of the paint but for a typical front room, you can expect the cost of the materials to be around £100 – £150.

Here is a breakdown of the cost to paint a room:

Materials – £125

Labour 1 person for 1.5 days – £200

VAT – £65.00 (not always applicable, see how to legally avoid paying VAT here)

Total Cost – £390.00

Don’t forget; larger firms will have employees and overheads to cover so will charge more than a decorator who is just earning a day rate for himself.

For a typical front room, we think the going rate in our area is between £350 and £500.

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