A Look at Liposuction Costs in the UK [Updated 2022]

Why is it so difficult to find liposuction prices online? Nearly every website I visited either didn’t show the true cost (they just had a contact form to arrange a consultation) or they only provided extremely vague price ranges.

Most of the websites I found had a statement like this:

The cost of this treatment will vary according to the size of the area to be treated and the number of sessions required. We will need to see you for an initial free consultation to assess your individual case and recommend a treatment plan

Why these websites refuse to publish example prices is beyond me.

Surely, if they’ve completed this procedure many times, they’ll know how much liposuction should cost?

As regular visitors to this website know, I have researched prices for a wide range of services.

It’s something I love doing.

Most of the research to date has been about home improvement. I get quotes, do some research, ask probing questions, then publish the results here on my website.

Out of curiosity, I decided to research the true cost of cosmetic surgery.

Don’t ask why. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Queue… My Wife

I bluntly asked my wife to go and arrange a few consultations for liposuction.

I would love to describe the look on her face and the first words to roll (thunder) off her tongue.

But it’s probably best I don’t.

After all, you didn’t come here to see how my less-than-tactful approach ruined my wife’s day (again).

After some initial backtracking, grovelling and explaining, my wife agreed to source prices so I could publish them on my website.

Before You Read Any Further…

Can you answer the question below?

(I am doing research into what people think certain procedures will cost them)

This question is entirely optional, you can ignore it if you wish:

Can You Trust The Figures Below?

Look, I’ll be honest with you.

I’m not an expert on liposuction, far from it.

I don’t sell cosmetic surgery services and I refuse to recommend clinics that do.

In fact, I won’t even list the four private clinics in the south and southeast of the United Kingdom that my wife visited.

I want this page, like all the others on this site, to be as impartial as possible.

The purpose of this website isn’t to promote or sell this service but to shed a light on how much liposuction will cost.

It really is as simple as that.

The liposuction prices you’ll discover below are what was suggested to my wife in April 2022.


The bottom line is this:

You may have more fat on you than my wife has (I’m being tactful again).

The prices given to my wife for liposuction were based on her body and were specific to her.

Despite my pleading and begging, she has refused to let me publish any photos of her body.

(I can’t possibly fathom why)

So you’ll just have to take it from me that she is:

  • 36 years old
  • 5ft 9
  • average build but with some stubborn excess fat around her bum, hips and lower stomach areas
  • the surgery was for two locations on her body.

About the Clinics We Chose

As previously stated, I won’t publish the names of the clinics I sent my wife to. I want this site to be impartial and I know I’ll be accused of the opposite if I start promoting clinics.

However, I can tell you that I did do some basic checks before publishing this article:

  • First I googled the clinic name and checked reviews online and also forum posts and comments from past customers.
  • Then I found the most recent Care Quality Commission report for the clinics and made sure the results were satisfactory (I suggest you do the same).
  • I also performed a “doctor check” on the General Medical Council’s website to confirm they were registered, checked their fitness to practice and qualifications (I suggest you do this too).

Liposuction Cost – The Results

Below is a table showing the results of our research into liposuction prices in the United Kingdom:

Clinic:Liposuction Price:
London Clinic 1£4950
London Clinic 2£4450
Berkshire Clinic£3900
Hampshire Clinic£4100

Can You Haggle and Get a Discount?

Haggling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s just not very British, is it?

My wife was initially very sceptical and pointed out that this wasn’t a “street market”.

Nevertheless, I asked her to get in touch with each clinic and haggle with them.

Despite some hesitation, my patient wife complied.

Here are the results:

London Clinic 1 – didn’t offer any discounts but did offer finance to spread the payments.

London Clinic 2 – again didn’t offer any reduction in price but did suggest finance.

Berkshire Clinic – this clinic stated that someone would get back to us. Nobody ever did.

Hampshire Clinic – they offered a discount equal to 5% if my wife agreed to some “before and after” photos being taken. These would be published either offline in brochures/magazines etc and also online on their website.

The lesson to learn from this is simple:

You won’t know if you can get a discount unless you ask.

Interview With My Wife

Neither my wife nor I have ever had a consultation for cosmetic surgery, so this experience was an eye-opener.

You may find my wife’s answers to my questions helpful:

Q) Did you feel at ease with the liposuction consultants in the clinics? Anything that made you feel uncomfortable?

A) All four clinics were clean as I would expect, the consultants were polite and professional. Yes, I would feel comfortable having the liposuction treatment at any of these four clinics.

Q) What type of anaesthetic did the consultant suggest?

A) A general anaesthetic as a local one would only be suitable for a small area.

Q) What about the recovery time?

A) The doctors informed me that I would be able to go home the same day but would need to get someone to drive me as I would be sleepy. Apparently, I would need to rest for a few days and would be able to undertake normal activities within 2-3 weeks and strenuous activities such as going to the gym and doing sports in around 5-6 weeks.

Q) Would you need any follow up treatments?

A) I was told that was a chance that the fat removal could result in uneven areas and the only way to remedy this would be to have a follow-up treatment. The consultants told me that this would be much cheaper than the initial treatment.

Q) What about side effects?

A) This was explained to me but you can easily find this information online.

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