Kitchen Diner Ideas and Suggestions

Kitchen diners are so much more than a place to cook and eat.

They often become a central social point for those that live in the home and for visiting guests.

The key to a successful diner is in the planning.

A diner should be fully integrated into the kitchen, be bright, airy and feel spacious. It should also have sufficient air extraction to remove cooking smells.

A poorly designed diner is likely to become a worthless dumping ground for junk.

If you’re thinking about fitting a diner in your existing kitchen or remodelling the space to accommodate a diner, check out our guide below.

The Importance of Natural Light in the Diner

Study after study shows us that natural light makes us happier, more energetic and more optimistic.

Those living in homes with little or no natural light are more likely to suffer from depression, sleep disorders and are less productive.

As the kitchen diner will become a key focal point of the home, ensuring there’s adequate natural light is crucial.

Here are the top 3 ways you can introduce more natural light into your kitchen diner:

1 – Bifolding Doors

Brown bifolding doors

Image sourced from Origin

These doors were once reserved for the rich and wealthy, but high demand, competition and lower production costs mean they are now affordable for average-earning households.

These doors let in a considerable amount of light, and they can be wholly or partially opened, giving you lots of flexibility.

Discover how much it costs to install bifolding doors here.

2 – Velux Windows and Sun/Light Tunnels

Indoor sun tunnels

Image sourced from Sterlingbuild

Depending on what is located above your kitchen diner, you could install either Velux roof windows or natural sunlight tunnels.

The average light tunnel provides natural light equal to a 100watt light bulb assuming the tube is vertical. For flexible tubes, you can expect up to 75watts equivalent.

A good quality sun tunnel kit will cost you around £275-£350 and between £300 and £500 for installation. The price will vary and depends on the type of installer you choose (one-man band or larger company) and also the complexity of the project. Homes with poor access to the roof may cost more if access scaffolding is required.

Explore this page for roof window installation prices.

3 – Make Use of Large Mirrors

large mirror

Image source: Country Living

If installing Velux windows, light tunnels, larger windows, or bi-folding doors isn’t possible, design your kitchen diner so there is adequate wall space for large mirrors.

These mirrors, if strategically placed, will bounce the existing natural light back into the room.

Large mirrors will also make the room feel more spacious, so they’re perfect for smaller kitchen diners.

Explore 6 clever ways to use mirrors to make your home feel bigger and brighter.

Air Extraction

Kitchen diners pose a unique challenge to designers and archetects.

While the space needs to be practical for cooking and eating, it also needs to feel fresh and clean for those occasions when you use it as a social point outside of meal times.

Upgrading the cooker hood extractor fan to one that is powerful enough to remove the smells of cooking while being quiet enough not to disrupt conversions is key.

There are several other options too:

1 -Trickle Vents

Window trickle vents

Many homeowners install these vents above window and doors, including bi-folding doors, they work by slowly and passively extracting the air from the room.

They are ideal for coping with condensation issues and also for removing unwanted kitchen smells slowly and silently.

2 – Air Conditioning

Air con doesn’t just mean air cooling.

A high-quality air conditioning unit with a HEPA filter can also remove the unwanted smell from your kitchen diner, making it a more pleasant environment.

This page contains a price guide for installing air conditioning units.

3 – PIV Passive Input Ventilation

These systems are typically installed in the loft so may not be suitable for every kitchen,

They work by filtering the air and supply a slow but steady stream of fresh air into the desired space.

They are perfect for cellars, damp rooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms with limited ventilation.

This product is reasonably priced and has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

Reduce Noise Wherever Possible

In a typical kitchen it’s easy to get away from the noise of fridge freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and microwave ovens – just close the door.

That won’t be possible in an open plan kitchen diner, so you’ll need to check the noise rating of any new appliances you want to install in your new kitchen.

As a general rule of thumb, 50 decibels or lower is considered quiet for a washing machine. 50-65 is the norm, and many people would regard 70+ decibels as noisy.

Be sure to check the noise level for both normal operations and during a fast spin; every manufacturer should state the noise level somewhere in the documentation.

Get Creative With The Flooring in the Diner

The type and colour of the flooring is a personal choice, but as a general rule of thumb, lighter colours work best in smaller kitchens.

Whatever you choose, it should be hardwearing and easy to clean as most kitchen diners receive a lot of foot traffic.

You could try to create a divide by using different materials in the cooking area to that in the eating area.

This page contains a price guide for wooden flooring and here’s a price list for floor tiling.

Be creative with the flooring, your options are endless

Kitchen Diner Partitions

Many homeowners choose to separate the diner from the kitchen by installing a partition wall or storage unit.

Low-level partitions are attractive and are a great option.

Image source: Lushome

A wall divider can also be used a bar:

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