How Much Does it Cost to Kennel a Dog or Cat in the UK?

This page is part of our research into the costs you can expect to pay when keeping a pet in the UK.

Kennels are a popular option for dog and cat owners who go on holiday and need a safe place for their pets to stay.

During 2019 we contacted 10 random kennel firms in the UK and asked them to provide us with a price for keeping one medium-sized dog and one cat for two weeks.

Below you’ll find the results of our findings. We think that this page is a great resource for those researching the average cost of kenneling.

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Who We Contacted

We got in touch with 1o random kennel and pet boarding firms from various locations in the UK.

Below you’ll find the results of our research and at the base of the page, you’ll see the average price taken from all 10.

All the prices include food, heating and dog exercise unless otherwise stated.

We found the prices for some of the kennels varied with the time of year, the quality of the kennels and location in the UK.

We chose traditional kennels rather than luxury “pet hotels” which we believe would cost more.

What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel Cough is a chest infection caused by a virus that spreads from dog to dog and is common in kennels and other areas where dogs are kept close together.

Every firm we contacted made it very clear that they only accept pets that have up to date vaccines,  most wanted an up to date kennel cough immunisation too.

You’ll need proof of any vaccines, such as a receipt document or vaccine card from your vet before you can kennel your pet.

This page contains information about dog vaccine prices and here’s the same information but for cats.

1 – Moss Cottage Boarding in Manchester

This firm caters to both cats and dogs, the outdoor kennels have nighttime heaters and a covered play run. The cat rooms are indoors and fully heated.

Dog – £196

Cat – £154

2 – Oakwood Park Kennels in Berks

Based in Berkshire, this kennel only caters for dogs:

Dogs £231

3 – The Wag Pad in Cornwall

Located near the market town of Holsworthy in Devon is The Wag Pad:

Dog – £280

4 – 3Cs Cattery nr Camberley in Surrey

This firm specialises in providing boarding services for cats:

Cats: £189

5 – Debdale Grange in Leicester

This is a dog kennel and cattery based in Leicester

Dogs – £196 (heated mats cost £21 extra)

Cats – £112 (heated mats cost £14 extra)

6 – Maltby Grange Cottage in Middlesborough

Cat only boarding in Middlesborough:

Cats – £119

7 – Canada Farm Boarding in Dartford, Kent

Cat and dog boarding near the Bluewater shopping centre:

Dog – £308

Cat – £126

8 – Three Oaks Kennels and Cattery in Southampton

Based in Southampton in Hampshire, this company boards cats and dogs:

Dogs – £350

Cats – £126

9 – Amblewood Dogs and Cats in Peterborough

Based in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire:

Dogs – £189

Cats – £112

10 – Glebespray Kennels nr Brigg Lincolnshire

A dog only kennel in North Lincolnshire:

Dogs – £196

Average Cost of Kenneling a Dog or Cat in the UK

The figures below are based on our research and are averaged:

The average cost to kennel a dog is £17.35 per day or £243 for a two-week stay.

The average cost for a cat is £9.57 per day or £134 for a two-week stay.

Are There Any Alternatives to Kennels?

Home boarding costs more but is an option to consider.

Happy Hounds is based in Kent and south east London, they have home workers, retired persons and dog lovers on their books who look after dogs in their homes for a fee.

Current prices are around £27 per day (Updated 2019).

Check out their website here.

There are similar services in other areas, so you may want to check Google and the various Facebook groups in your area.

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