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Update 2022: We originally published the price guide on this page in 2021 but we reviewed the prices in 2022 and they haven’t changed much at all. If you would like a custom quote for an intercom system, fill in this form with details of your project.

Intercom systems are often found in flats, apartments and other multi-occupancy dwellings. They’re also popular with the disabled, anyone who cannot get to the front door quickly and those who want an extra layer of security.

Recently a friend of ours, James, completed a renovation project in the south of the UK; the work involved converting a commercial property into four flats.

Each flat required a handset wired to an entry panel on the front door. The door needed an electronic release lock so all of the occupants could open the lock remotely via the telephone.

As James is an old friend and has tons of experience in renovating properties and similar home improvement projects, we took the opportunity to ask him how much the work cost and what other prices he received when he was gathering quotes.

If you’re looking for a ballpark price for an intercom system connected to a door release lock, then this page is for you.

The prices on this page were updated in 2022 and were for a 4-flat property in the south of the UK. Even if your requirements are different, you can still use this price guide to get a rough idea of how much an intercom system will cost.

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The Figures James Gave Us

James sourced four quotes for his intercom and door entry system.

Here’s a list of all the materials included (use this for comparison):

  • Backlit panel for front door with 4 x nameplates
  • 4 x handsets with call tone and door release
  • Electronic release device for the front door
  • All cables/wiring and a transformer

We looked around and discovered kits containing these parts were priced from £450inc VAT upwards. That’s just for the parts, not the labour.

See this example from Locks Online.

Here’s a list of the prices James received:

Item:Price inc VAT:
Quote 1£750.00
Quote 2£925.00
Quote 3£995.00
Quote 4£1100.00
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The table above contains prices for the materials, labour and VAT is included.

The lowest price was from an electrician that James uses as his quotes are very competitive, the other prices were from firms that specialise in intercom and home security installations.

Every Intercom Installation is Different But…

While every intercom installation is different and you can expect prices to vary and depend on your requirements, there is a very simple way to get a rough idea of how much it will cost you.

Head over to any of these websites and find a product you feel is suitable:

Locks Online

Door Entry Online

Next, you’ll need to add the cost of a new electronic lock release device. Every door is different but for a Yale type lock, they aren’t expensive, we suggest you budget from £40 for a basic Yale lock type device. For Upvc doors, the lock release devices are a little more expensive at around £75.

Next up, you need to budget for the cost of cables, wires, clips etc – £65.

You’ll need an Electrical Installation Certificate as the work will probably involve a new circuit from the consumer unit (fusebox) and a transformer needs to be installed – £65.

Now it’s just a case of adding the cost of the labour. This will vary and depends on your requirements but it’s a safe bet to assume the work on a typical property won’t take longer than a day.

Other Considerations

The prices on this page are for a fairly typical audio-only intercom system.

There are tons of different options out there to suit all requirements and budgets, so consider the following:

  • Video as well as audio.
  • App-enabled intercoms so you can use your mobile phone.
  • Key fob entry system.
  • Wireless options.

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