How Much Does it Cost to Install a Home CCTV System?

If you want to know how much it costs to fit a home CCTV system, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ll provide you with a realistic price guide and provide you with some great tips to ensure you choose the right system that meets your needs.

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Have you considered the following?

  • Do you want internal or external cameras? Or both?
  • Where do you want the footage stored? On a hard drive located on your property or in the cloud (online) where you can access it from any location?
  • Do you want notifications and the ability to watch the live footage on your mobile phone?
  • Do you want the ability to speak through a microphone embedded in the camera?

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and while many consumers still choose a basic system without any internet access, you do have the option of installing a more premium product with lots of features; many of which you can access via a mobile phone app.

How Much Do You Think a Camera System Will Cost?

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The Do’s and Don’ts

In our opinion, it’s essential that you choose a system that records in at least true high definition at 1080P, anything less such as 720P and you may find the images aren’t sharp enough to see important details clearly, such as faces.

Some manufacturers are now producing systems that record in 4K ultra definition. This is may sound like a good idea but is only practical if you’re hard drive is big enough or your online storage holds the footage for long enough.

Another specification to consider is the frame rate; this is the number of frames per second that’s recorded by the device.

The video below is a little old, but you can see how a low frame rate recording looks “choppy”. If the rate is too low, you’ll have fewer frames you can pause. Too many frames however and you’ll need even more storage capacity.

We feel that at a minimum, you should choose a system that records at 15 frames per second. For comparison; modern high-end CCTV systems record at 30 fps.

Cost to Install a Basic CCTV System

A basic system usually consists of between four and eight internal and/or external cameras that you connect to a hard drive via cables.

The system is powered from the mains and typically comes with a 1TB hard drive, with this you should have enough storage capacity to record two weeks worth of footage. That’s just enough for you to go on holiday and record everything that happens at home.

Expect a basic entry-level system to cost £225 for four cameras and an additional £300 for professional installation should you require it.

A basic eight-camera system will set you back around £400 with an additional £500 for professional installation.

Mid-Range Wireless CCTV System Cost

Wireless CCTV systems have a crucial advantage over their wired versions – you have much more flexibility in where you can locate the camera and fewer unsightly wires around the home.

A 1080P wireless system with four cameras will set you back around £450 with installation an extra £300.

A similar system but with eight cameras will cost around £800 with installation an extra £500.

High-End CCTV Installation Cost

A high-end CCTV system will usually have some or all of the following additional features:

  • Wifi connectivity to minimise the number of cables needed and make the installation simpler.
  • Watch live footage via an app.
  • Enables two-way communication to each camera so you can talk to someone in the home or at the front door.
  • Full 1080P or 4K Ultra high definition with a reasonable frame rate, usually upwards of 20fps.
  • Online storage so you can access the footage from any location. You also don’t need to worry about a hard drive being stolen or damaged in a fire.
  • Night vision, this is so the footage is clear, even when it’s dark.
  • Alerts and notifications to a mobile phone or email address.
  • Facial recognition so you won’t get pestered by alerts when family members are in the home.
  • Pet detection, this where the system detects a pet in the home and doesn’t send alerts to you.

There are several products on sale from this category, one of the most popular is Nest which is owned by the internet search giant Google:

Nest camera system

Nest cameras are popular but expensive. Read reviews on Amazon here.

With this system, you can install up to ten cameras, each has its power cable, and they connect wirelessly via an app.

All captured footage is stored online for quick access so you’ll need a reliable internet connection, wifi connectivity and enough bandwidth.

You have two storage options; choose between 10-day or 30-day storage capacity.

The issue with Nest is the price of the online storage. The cameras are competitively priced and easy to install, but the cost of online storage is considerable.

The cost of the camera itself varies as there are several options to choose from.  For a four-camera external setup, you can expect to pay the following:

Purchase cost – £600 (2 x packs of 2).

Installation fee (optional) – £120 per unit.

Online storage – 30 days storage of “events” recorded by the camera: £5 per month.

Online storage – 60 days storage of “events” and 10 days of all footage: £10 per month.

(Prices updated May 2021)

Nest internal cameras are cheaper to buy and simpler to install so expect to make a saving when compared to external cameras.

Our Thoughts on Nest

Nest cameras have lots of features, but the cost of online storage is high if you want more than “event” storage. The 10-day storage option is a little sneaky as many people choose to go on holiday for 14 days.

You can purchase Nest cameras without the storage option as the live footage is available via an app. You’ll have access to many other features, but you won’t be able to store the footage, for this, you’ll need a yearly or monthly storage plan.

Nest also produce other household electronics that can be linked together and accessed via their app; a “learning” thermostat, an alarm, a doorbell (released in 2018) and smoke alarms.

Read Reviews of Nest on Amazon

How To Save Money

High-end cameras such as Nest provide you with tons of features, but the caveat is the cost of online storage.

There are similar alternative options such as this two-camera kit from Blink that includes online storage.

Basic systems that record to a hard drive stored on your property are a great way to save money, you’ll pay an upfront fee for the cameras, but there are no ongoing monthly charges.

The best way to save money is to install the system yourself or if DIY isn’t your strong point, to get a family member or friend to do it for you. The work will involve drilling a few holes for the cables and screws that hold the cameras in place, but otherwise, the project is fairly simple and straightforward.


Q) Do I Really Need 4k Ultra High Definition?

A) 4k Ultra HD will provide you with crystal clear footage and images but the framerate is just as important. Too low and the footage will look choppy and you may not have many frames to look at.

Q) Is Online Storage Worth the Extra Cost?

A) We think so. There are no hard drives at home for you to buy or maintain. With online storage, your footage is safe and secure and can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Q) Can a CCTV System Reduce My Home Insurance Premium?

A) Yes, some insurers offer discounts to customers that have a CCTV system installed. It’s unlikely, however, that the saving will offset the entire cost of the installation.

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