The Best Pre-Made Hedgehog Houses

By Claire Mitchell. Posted to the Gardener’s Corner of the popular Job Prices website. Updated April 2022.

The hedgehog population in the UK is declining at an unprecedented rate.

The urbanisation of once suitable habitat has left the humble hedgehog with limited access to water and shelter and of course fences and walls prevent the hedgehog from roaming freely.

In the countryside, intensive farming and the loss of hedgerows is partly to blame.

Some reports suggest that hedgehog numbers have fallen by up 50% since the turn of the century.

The hedgehog population in the 1950s was estimated to be in the region of 30million, the latest figures from 2018 suggest that just over 1million remain.

The future of the hedgehog does truly lay in the balance, so much so that entire organisations have been formed with the goal of increasing the numbers of these quintessentially British animals.

Claire Mitchell, our lead author here at Job Prices has created a fantastic guide titled “The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Hedgehogs and Why They Need Our Help”.

Check out her fantastic guide here, you’ll find it a great place to start.

Our Guide to Buying a Pre-Made Hedgehog House

A well made hedgehog house can go a long way to helping the mighty hedgehog survive.

Below you’ll find 7 of the best hedgehog houses you can buy (reviewed in 2022).

Scroll to the base of this page and you’ll find our compact and easy-to-read buying guide where you’ll discover:

  • A cost guide
  • What to look for in a hedgehog house
  • Placement and food/water tips
  • Common questions answered

But first, let’s take a look at 7 of the most popular hedgehog houses in 2022:

7 of the Best Hedgehog Houses

1) The Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House Starter Pack

This hedgehog house starter kit would make the perfect gift for anyone that loves these spiky little creatures.

The fully loaded pack contains a quality timber hedgehog house pre-treated to prevent mould and bacteria, ceramic food and drinking bowls, a tin of food to get you started and hay.

The hinged roof can be secured with a padlock, this keeps your hog safe and sound but also makes cleaning the home easier.

The tunnel entrance keeps all predators out; cats, badgers and foxes won’t be able to get to the hedgehog.

This starter pack is complemented by a guide to hedgehogs pamphlet written by expert Pat Morris.

We think this would make an excellent gift or product for those just starting out.

Key Points:

  • Keeps predators out
  • Solid floor
  • Slate roof over the porch
  • Insulated and fully waterproof roof with a hinged lock
  • Solid wood construction
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating
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2) The Igloo Natural Hedgehog Home

Sometimes the best animal houses and enclosures are the simplest ones.

The Igloo hedgehog house is made with a metal frame coated in a waterproof felt layer which itself is covered by layers of brushwood for a natural finish.

This Igloo home will sit discreetly in almost any part of the garden and provides shelter to hedgehogs or other small animals.

Pile leaves, twigs and other natural garden waste over the hut for extra insulation during the winter months.

Key Points:

  • One of the cheapest hedgehog houses you can buy
  • Looks natural and blends in anywhere in your garden
  • Surprisingly strong
  • Waterproof roof and side construction
  • Small entrance deters predators
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3) The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter

The Hutch Company hedgehog house takes the design to the next level and features everything we think a hedgehog house should have, including; a sloping waterproof roof, a solid floor, a small entrance and two compartments for wind, rain and predator protection.

The Hutch Company hedgehog house is much more than a tempory shelter, it’s a fully-fledged solid wood home that will last for years.

The manufacturer has even treated the wood with an anti-bacterial coating to prevent mould and the spread of disease, a common problem in many older hedgehog houses that aren’t well maintained.

The downside? With its felted roof, it doesn’t look natural so might not blend in well with your garden.

Key Points:

  • Mid-price range
  • Solid construction and will last for years
  • Removable waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Two compartments
  • Solid floor
  • Spacious design
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4) Wildlife World Natural Habitat Home

The Wildlife World natural habitat “Hogitat” home has been tested and trialled by hedgehog organisations in the United Kingdom.

We think this would make a great starter project for complete beginners who are on a limited budget.

Made with a sturdy metal rust-proof frame, covered in a waterproof membrane and coated in natural materials, this home is a perfect retreat for our spiky friends.

The Hogitat is designed to blend into the garden and is a safe and economic retreat for hedgehogs.

Just add extra leaves, twigs and other natural garden waste for extra thermal protection during the colder months.

Key Points:

  • Low affordable price
  • Secure to the ground with tent pegs (not supplied)
  • Natural-looking
  • Metal frame, so sturdier than it looks at first glance
  • Lacks a floor, entrance tunnel and only one habitable space inside the home
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5) The Hogilow by Wildlife World

The Hogilow by Wildlife World is a truly unique hedgehog house with a very unusual design but it’s also one of our favourites!

The entrance to the home secures the hedgehog from predators, the exterior is made from breathable yet waterproof materials, the interior is all wood and as a bonus, the home has a wooden floor too.

The roof of this hedgehog house slides to one side allowing easy access for inspection and cleaning.

Expertly constructed under the guidance of the Hedgehog Society and also the Help a Hedgehog Hospital, this home has feet to raise the base off the floor, ensuring both home and hedgehog stay warm and dry.

This is one of the best predator-proof hedgehog homes we have seen so is perfect for areas with lots of foxes, cats and badgers.

Key Points:

  • At the top end of the price band
  • Great predator protection
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wooden floor on raised feet
  • Waterproof with breathing holes to prevent condensation and mould
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6) Solid Oak Hedgehog House

This solid oak hedgehog house is made to last and ticks many of the boxes when it comes to design features.

Expect solid construction and a home that will last for years.

A sloping roof ensures rainwater flows away from the home, a solid floor keeps the hedgehog dry and an entrance porch keeps predator paws and claws away.

The roof is double skinned for thermal and general weather protection.

This hedgehog house has a hinged rear door for easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Manufactured from FSC approved solid oak, this timber requires no further treatment.

Key Points:

  • Mid-price range
  • Very solid and robust design
  • Keeps out predator paws and claws
  • Raised solid floor and double skinned roof for overall protection against the elements
  • Aesthetic modern design, cover with garden materials to blend into surroundings if required 
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7) Large Timber Hedgehog Home

Built to last for years and specifically for the hedgehog that requires a little more room, this hedgehog house by Berk measures 40×30×25cm and is beautifully constructed from solid wood.

Berk has ticked all the right boxes for us; a raised floor, a design that is 100% predator-proof, waterproof but vented, easy access for cleaning and treated with natural oils to prevent mould growth.

This house is at the top end of the price range but you get what you pay for and the quality of this product is clear to see.

Key Points:

  • At the upper end of the price band
  • Partition wall near the entrance to keep out predators
  • Solid wood design
  • Rear door for access 
  • Raised floor and waterproof roof
  • Treated with natural oils to resist rot and fungal growth
  • Large size
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The Compact and Easy-to-Read Hedgehog House Buying Guide (Your Questions Answered)

Q) How much does it cost to buy a pre-made hedgehog house?

A) Prices typically range from around £15 to £80 with a good quality house with all the important features costing around £30.

Q) What are the key features a house should include?

A) The following are essentials if you want to keep a hedgehog safe and sound:

  • Should be predator-proof. This can be achieved by having a tunnel inside the home, or a partition wall, or a porch area, and/or a small entrance hole. The house should be built from sturdy materials and either be heavy or secured to the ground with pegs.
  • The roof should be waterproof and windproof.
  • The floor can be solid which is ideal for wet gardens or left open which is more suitable for elevated gardens with good drainage.
  • Ventilation is very important, it prevents condensation and the build-up of mould and harmful bacteria.
  • Make sure your hedgehog house has an access point for cleaning. Removable roofs and rear doors are the most common ways for a human to get inside and inspect the hedgehog and its home.

Q) Where should I place the hedgehog home?

A) In a sheltered location ideally with good drainage and near to hedgehog travel routes. Ensure the door points away from prevailing winds.

Q) Should I place food inside the hedgehog home?

A) Food that isn’t consumed will either attract predators or rot. Either is unattractive to the humble hedgehog. We suggest you leave some water and food a short distance away from the hedgehog home rather than inside it.

Q) What should I put inside the hedgehog home?

A) A small amount of hay with another small amount left a metre or so away from the house.

Q) How long does it take a hedgehog to settle into its new home?

A) The record for us is 2 weeks but it can take longer.

Q) Are there any changes to my garden I should make?

A) Yes, cut small holes in fences and walls so hedgehogs can travel from garden to garden easier. Ask your neighbours to do the same. Also, consider planting a hedgerow and more plants in the garden in general. As a guide, check out our article that contains many more hints and tips on how to encourage more hedgehogs into your garden.

This guide to the best hedgehog houses was created by Claire Mitchell and was originally posted to the Gardener’s Corner of the Job Prices website.

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