A Look at Hair Transplant Costs For Men

Back in June 2017 I bluntly asked my wife to go and get prices for liposuction.

My less-than-tactful approach didn’t exactly go down so well (more about that here).

However, after some grovelling, back tracking and explaining that I wanted to know the cost so I could publish an article here on my website, my wife agreed but with one condition:

I had to go and get prices for a hair transplant to fix my bald spot and also some botox for my forehead wrinkles.

Is This Your First Time Visiting My Website?

I created Job Prices so people living in the United Kingdom can discover how much certain projects cost.

The idea was simple; I research the cost and publish my findings here.

Most of my research has been about home improvement costs but as cosmetic surgery is so popular, I decided to research these prices too.

So Where Did These Prices Come From?

In July 2017 I visited four hair transplant consultants in the south and south east of the UK and had a chat with them about getting a hair transplant and how much it would cost.

The figures published on this page are exactly what I was quoted.

I’ll also show some photos of my hair (or lack thereof) so you can see what work I wanted done.

Why I’m Doing This

Why would I want to spend my time visiting clinics and getting prices for a hair transplant?

I’ve found that many businesses either don’t publish their prices online or they underestimate the true cost, just to get you to book a consultation.

My goal with this part of my website is to discover the true cost of cosmetic surgery. It’s no different to the other parts of this site where I publish the results of my research into home improvement prices.

Can You Trust my Hair Transplant Prices?

The prices displayed here are based on my head but they should give you an idea of how much this treatment will cost.

I will make one promise to you though:

As I want this website to be as impartial as possible, I won’t be recommending any clinics or businesses. If any clinics ask to advertise on this site, I’ll politely refuse.

The purpose of this site is to research and then publish prices. Nothing more and nothing less.

My Head

Below you’ll find a couple of photos showing my head.

As you can see, I have a receding hairline and also a growing bald spot on the crown.

As a 36 year old male, this is quite typical for someone who has progressive male pattern baldness. My hair loss is neither severe nor mild.

Bald HeadHow Much Do You Think My Hair Transplant Will Cost?

This may sound like a strange question.

I know you came here to discover how much men’s hair transplants cost but I’m also conducting research into how much people think certain procedures will cost.

The question below is entirely optional. You can skip it if you wish.

Hair Density and My “Desired” Look

At the clinics I was asked lots of questions about what I wanted to achieve with the hair transplant.

While I was realistic in my demands and expectations I also knew exactly what I wanted and did not want:

I wanted to get rid of of the bald spot on my crown as that bothered me the most. I wanted some minor work done on my receding hairline at the sides of my forehead.

I didn’t want too much work done on the front of my hairline and I wanted the overall work to look as natural as possible, I accept that I’m not 18 years old and trying to look like that again is not realistic for me.

The Clinics I Chose

I’m fortune that I live near London so there’s plenty of clinics for me to choose from.

I selected a total of four clinics. Two were based in London, one in nearby Surrey and one in Hampshire.

I did complete some basic checks before visiting the clinics:

  • first I did a few Google searches and checked the reviews written by previous customers.
  • next I explored the Care Quality Commission’s ratings of the clinic (I suggest you do that too).
  • I also explored the General Medical Council’s information regarding the doctor/surgeon and their current status (you can do that too here).

What Hair Transplant Prices Was I Given?

The table below shows the four clinics I visited and the transplant prices I received.

Each clinic gave me an estimate of how many “grafts” they thought I would need. All four suggested between 2400 and 2800, this was split roughly between the area on my crown and my receding hairline to the front/side of my forehead.

It’s worth noting that each graft holds several hairs.

Clinic:Hair Transplant Price:
London Clinic 1£9500
London Clinic 2£8500
Surrey Clinic£7500
Hampshire Clinic£7750

What About Failure Rates and Follow Up Treatments?

I was told that not every graft would hold and some would fail. That’s normal apparently and I would need a follow up procedure in 2-3 years time.

This would be an opportunity for the surgeon to check for any failed grafts and unevenness in my hair and calculate a price for the next round of treatment.

The cost of any follow up treatments would be much cheaper than the first hair transplant but none of the clinics I visited would give me an indication of how much it would cost.

Try This Calculator

You can find a nifty hair transplant calculator on this website, although it did underestimate the amount of grafts I needed by about 10%, it’s still worth exploring.

Also, below you can see Norwood scale image, I believe my head is around a 3V but with slightly more loss at the crown.

You can use this Norwood scale to estimate how much work you’ll need. There are several clinics online that provide guides prices based on this scale.

Norwood hair transplant scaleFUE or FUT Hair Transplant Method?

All of the clinics recommended the FUE method of extracting the hairs from the back of my head.

They explained that the FUT method involves cutting a strip of skin with plenty of hairs on it, but this leaves a scar that would be visible if I kept my hair short.

The FUE method involves removing the hairs individually, this takes longer and costs more but there is less scarring.

The prices displayed on this page are for the FUE method only.

Sessions, Recovery and What to Expect

I was told by all the consultants that the procedure could be completed in one day and wasn’t done under general aesthetic but local painkiller injections.

It was also suggested that the pain isn’t too bad during the procedure but I would feel soreness for a week or two afterwards. One of the consultants compared the after pain to the soreness experienced after having a tattoo.

Apparently most of the grafts would fall out after a few weeks but after a few months, new hairs will grow through.

The clinics all suggested that I was a good candidate for this treatment as my hair loss was in the typical places; crown and receding hairline.

I’m sure they say that to everyone though.

Did I Book a Treatment?

Not yet.

To be honest, I’d never seriously considered a hair transplant but now the wife has made a issue of it and I’ve seen the prices, its something I would consider.

My main concern is the follow up treatments.

How many will I need and how much will they cost?

I know that the footballer Wayne Rooney has had two treatments and several experts claim he needs at least another two sessions.

While one or two sessions would be within my budget, four is out of the question.

Would You Consider Going Abroad For a Cheaper Hair Transplant?

Greece and Turkey appear to be popular destinations for hair transplants. From what I have read online, the prices can be as much as 50% lower than the top-tier clinics in London.

I haven’t researched the quality of the clinics there, so I couldn’t comment on how trustworthy they are.

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