Gas Cooker and Hob Installations – How Much Should You Pay?

If you’re looking for a price guide for the professional and safe installation of a new gas cooker or hob, this page is for you.

Many retailers in the UK offer an installation service by one of their approved Gas Safe registered installers, but how much does this typically cost?

On this page you’ll find:

  • a poll – we want to know how much you think this will cost.
  • average cost via a white goods retailer.
  • average cost via a local tradesperson.
  • extra costs to consider.
  • can a gas cooker or hob be installed DIY?
  • do you need a gas certificate? What are they used for?
  • the best place to get a quote.

Gas flameHow Much Do You Think It Costs to Install a Gas Cooker and Hob?

This may sound like a strange question but we are conducting research into how much consumers think certain services and projects will cost.

The question below is optional, you can skip it if you wish:

Average Cost – Via a White Goods Retailer

Most white goods retailers offer an installation service for fridges, freezers, washing machines and cookers etc.

In most cases, this work is just sub-contracted out to local tradespeople, with the retailer taking a percentage as a commission.

In April 2018 we checked the prices of 12 retailers to see what the going rate was for a professional to install a gas cooker and a gas hob.

Below is the results of our findings, the figure is an average of all the prices we gathered:

Free Standing Cooking Appliance£85.00
Gas Cooker Installation£90.00
Gas Hob Installation£85.00

Average Cost – Via a Local Tradesperson

For the sake of comparison, we also asked 12 local gas registered installers how much they charge to install a gas cooker and hob.

As we expected, the prices were slightly lower.

The table below is an average of the prices we were given:

Free Standing Cooking Appliance£52.00
Gas Cooker Installation£58.00
Gas Hob Installation£54.00
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About These Prices

We sourced these prices from businesses in Surrey and West London, other areas, especially those further away from the capital, may offer cheaper rates.

All 24 businesses and individuals we contacted were at random and were all Gas Safe registered.

The prices were last checked in 2021.

Extra Costs to Consider

The prices on this page are for a like-for-like swap, they do not include the cost of cutting worktops, supplying hoses, extending pipework or the like.

These tasks will cost extra and some may require a certificate to be generated for Building Control.

Can a Cooker or Hob be Installed DIY?

In one word: No.

The only work a consumer can carry out on any gas appliance will be listed in the documentation that came with the appliance. This never includes connecting or disconnecting a gas supply pipe or hose.

While connecting a gas supply pipe to an appliance is a simple task, it must be done by a Gas Safe registered installer.

Do You Need a Certificate For The Building Regulations?

Gas Safe registered installers can “self-certify” their work and for a nominal fee, they can notify your local building regulations department. A certificate of compliance is then issued, this should be kept in a safe place as you may need it when you come to sell the house.

You do not need to notify building control or get a certificate for cooker and hob installations unless you are a landlord. However, as the installation must be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, it’s still advisable to get a certificate.

It costs the installer very little to fill out the form and to self-certify their work. The certificate will come in handy should you wish to rent out your property in the future or sell it to someone who wishes to rent it out.

A Declaration of Safety certificate is produced when a flueless gas cooking appliance (such as a cooker or hob) is notified. These are not covered by the Building Regulations but can be voluntarily notified. – Gas Safe register website

The Best Place to Get a Quote

For small projects like this, we recommend getting quotes from local independent traders.

If your area has a Facebook group or other online community where locals share tips, advice and knowledge, you’ll probably find plenty of recommendations from neighbours.

You should of course double check that the person or company is Gas Safe registered.

Just click this link to search the Gas Safe database.

If your chosen trader isn’t listed, don’t use them!

Try Rated People

We recently teamed up with Rated People who are one of several online services that publish ratings and reviews of tradespeople.

Tap the button below and fill out the form to get quotes from local, rated and reviewed Gas Safe registered installers:

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