Typical Price to Install a Garage Door

A new garage door can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical, especially if it’s an electrically operated version.

But how much do they cost to supply and install?

Here, we dig deep into the costs you can expect to pay.

On this page, we’ll show you:

We also include details of those hidden extras many suppliers bury in the small print.

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Why We Chose a Roller Type Door

We recently replaced a garage door to a property we were renovating.

The driveway had enough space for two cars, but only just.

The cars had to be reversed a few feet to allow enough room for the old “up and over” door to swing out.

We replaced this tatty old door with a vertical roller door and this gave us extra space on our tight driveway.

One Price Doesn’t Fit All

Pricing for electric garage doors is a little tricky in that it depends on the type and number of extras you need.

A standard and basic single door installation may set you back around £1000 including VAT but you will probably want at least one optional extra.

Don’t forget that every manufacturer is different but use the prices below as a general price guide.

Optional Extras You May Want

External manual override – If there is a power failure, will you be able to gain access to the garage? This depends on how many doors there are leading to the garage. This option is included as standard on some garage doors, while for others it’s an optional extra. You can gain entry manually, even with power loss to the electric unit. Expect to pay a minimum of £100.00 for this.

Colours – We have created a guide price based on a white coloured door. Other colours, and in particular woodgrain effect colours, will cost more. As an example; for a single garage door the difference between a white door and a Rosewood laminate door is £150.00

Wired buttons – Most electric doors will come with two wireless key fobs. Having an entry button wired to the inside of the garage or inside the house will cost extra, usually around £125.00 extra.

Keypad entry button – These are for people who want to gain frequent access to the garage without carrying a key fob on their person all the time. An entry code is used to open the door. These vary in price but start at around £150 supplied and fitted with a garage door installation.

Safety Sensor – This sensor will detect anything preventing the door from closing and will return the door to the open position. Without this option, the key fob button needs to be pressed continuously to close the door. With the sensor installed, your key fob will allow you to close the door safely with just one touch. They cost around £150.00.

Extra Insulation – thicker panels with more insulation inside of them. These are more sturdy and offer higher levels of thermal insulation. Expect to pay an extra £200.00 for a single door and £350.00 for a double door.

Example Quote

Below is an example quote for the supply and installation of an electric roller type garage door.

  • Single door – width 2290mm x height 2200mm
  • Standard installation with enough headroom and space on either side for the box and guide rails
  • Safety sensor
  • White or another standard colour
  • Two key fobs
  • Button wired to the inside of the house
  • Removal and disposal of existing door and frame
Single Roller£1270.00 inc vat
Double Roller£1900.00 inv vat

Supply-Only Price

If you would like to have a go at fitting the garage door yourself, you can get a basic single electric roller-type door for around £500.00 and a double for £900.00.

Manually Operated Garage Door Prices

For a basic single skin door, either a simple roller or up-and-over design, expect to pay around £800.00 for a standard installation.

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Every project is different but we know of a few tradespeople who work in this industry and they suggested three single doors or two double doors fitted per day. That depends on how far they must travel and how much extra wiring is required.

We haven't received any reward for listing these two websites here but we have dealt with them in the past to our satisfaction:

The Garage Door Centre currently offers a service where you can email them some photos of your door and a few measurements and they will send you a quote to consider.

Rollador have a price list with various options, this also includes the cost of installation.

In general, yes, electric doors are more secure as they can be almost impossible to open without the key fob. Roller doors also come without a keyhole so they can't be picked.

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

Day Rates For Tradespeople

In most cases no, planning permission is not required for a like-for-like replacement as it doesn't change the overall footprint of the building. Listed buildings may require planning permission. As would any design that negatively affects any neighbouring property.

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