A Look at Fitted Wardrobe Costs in 2022

Updated 2022: The prices on this page were updated in April 2022 and they reflect the recent surge in prices the home improvement sector has experienced. This has been well documented in the media and also by our own research. As fitted wardrobes need to be customised, we ask that you fill out this form to get a personalised quote for your project.

Fitted wardrobes are an excellent way to maximise the space in any bedroom. They are becoming more popular and are a feature that’s sought after by many home buyers.

What Are Fitted Wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes are custom designed wardrobes, usually fitted floor to ceiling and created to maximise any available space, including in awkward corners that would otherwise be an unused areas.

You’ll also get the benefit of a tidy room with any unsightly possessions being neatly tucked away out of sight.

But how much does it cost to retrofit fitted wardrobes in a typical double bedroom?

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What Are The Key Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes?

The main benefits of fitted wardrobes over regular wardrobes are; extra space, bespoke design, sliding doors to maximise space in small rooms and the unique lighting options available. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are also a great investment as they’re sought after by buyers.

Extra Space

Normal wardrobes are constructed with feet, side panelling and backings, these all take up valuable space.

Fitted wardrobes are usually installed up tight to the wall and from floor to ceiling. They’re also perfect for rooms with irregular shapes, such as those with sloping ceilings.

Custom Bespoke Design

Fitted wardrobes are designed and built to meet your own personal requirements so are usually fully bespoke, you can’t buy them off-the-shelf.

Whether you want extra space for shoes or more room for suits and shirts, custom-built bespoke wardrobes are the best option.

Sliding Doors – Perfect For Smaller Rooms

Another key benefit of these wardrobes is the option to have sliding doors.

Normal swing doors take up a lot of space so in a small bedroom the bed may need to be moved. Sliding doors are the perfect option for small spaces.

Lighting Options

Depending on the size of the wardrobe, you can be creative with the lighting and make the storage space a feature of the room

Downlighters or lights fitted into each compartment are a popular option. An electrician can easily rig the lights to come on automatically when the wardrobe doors are opened.

Another Feature – Less Cleaning

Another often overlooked feature is how easy they are to clean.

Regular wardrobes often have a gap behind the unit and also above the top panel. These are places for dust to collect and spiders to make a home.

Fitted wardrobes are much easier to keep clean as they make this space part of the internal wardrobe.

Fitted Wardrobe Cost Guide

Below is our price guide for fitted wardrobes to a home in the UK.

The price varies and depends on the level of customisation.

There are plenty of “off the shelf” wardrobe kits that fall into the budget and mid-range, while premium fully bespoke installations are far more expensive.

Budget range – expect to pay around £1250 per linear metre for installed, fitted wardrobes in the budget range. This price assumes they’re installed to a straight wall and are of a regular shape.

Mid-range – you’ll be paying around £2000 per linear metre. This is a typical price and is a good starting point for those seeking an approximate cost for average quality, professionally fitted wardrobes.

Premium range fitted wardrobes can be anything north of £3000 per linear metre. The truth is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to premium wardrobes, especially when design fees for bespoke wardrobes are considered.


Fitted wardrobe and units

Fitted wardrobes and drawers under the eaves. Photo from SPB Carpentry

Fitted wardrobes in loft

Bespoke custom wardrobes are perfect for small spaces

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