Cost to Install a Kitchen

We recently updated our bathroom installation cost guide (you can find that price here) and we thought it would be a good time to revisit our guide to fitted kitchens in the UK.

The kitchen prices displayed below were last updated in 2021.

Are you thinking about installing a new kitchen in your property? The good news is a kitchen is a great investment and there’s a good chance you’ll get your investment back should you sell the home in the near future.

But, how much does a new kitchen cost?

On this page, you’ll discover how much a kitchen typically costs including a breakdown for the following:

  • Units and worktops.
  • Sink, oven and white goods installed.
  • Floor and wall tiles.
  • Oven hood and extractor fan.
  • Waste disposal fees.
  • Labour and vat.

Kitchen Cost Guide

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Our New Kitchen Cost Guide – 8 Square Metres “U” Shape Kitchen

Typical “U” Shape Kitchen

Below is our guide price for a new kitchen fully installed to a room measuring 8 square metres wall to wall.

The kitchen is of “U” shape design and has cabinets and worktops to three sides.

The price also includes the supply and installation of:

  • 10 cabinets.
  • Laminate worktop to three sides.
  • Sink and taps.
  • Wall tiles to three walls between cabinets and worktops and as a sink splashback.
  • Floor tiles.
  • Decoration/painting of the fourth wall
  • Built in oven with hood and extractor fan and vent.
  • Boxed in fridge/freezer.
  • Washing machine and dishwasher.

Fully Fitted Kitchen Work Schedule

Day 1 – Rip out and dispose of old kitchen units, worktop, floor/wall tiles and old white goods. Start plastering if required.

Day 2 – Finish plastering work, install new wiring/plumbing as required. Start installing units.

Day 3 – Continue installing units, worktop, sink, oven, hood/extractor fan and any lights under units.

Day 4-5 – Finish installing units and start wall tiling.

Day 6-7 – Floor tiles and white goods installed.

Day 8 – Final decoration and finishing off.

Expected work duration: 6 to 8 days for a fairly straightforward installation, depending on how many fitters are working on the project.

Breakdown of The New Kitchen Cost

Waste disposal – £125

Plasterboard and materials to make walls good – £100

Units and plinths etc – £1500

Worktop – £200

Sink w/drainer and taps  – £200

Fridge/freezer – £350

Oven, hob and hood – £500

Dishwasher – £300

Washing machine – £300

Floor and wall tiles, inc grout – £200

Paint – £50

Labour (2 fitters for 1 week) – £1500

Profit margin – £750

VAT (on labour/profit margins) – £450

Total New Kitchen Cost – £6525 inc vat

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Kitchen Installation

Popular Kitchen Layouts

As you can see from our list above, there are some areas where you can save money and reduce the price:

  1. Dispose of the waste yourself at the local council tip (assuming they accept this type of waste).
  2. Choose a smaller firm or installer that is trading below the VAT registration threshold and avoid paying this tax on their labour/profits.
  3. Use vinyl flooring instead of tiles.
  4. Leave the old wall tiles in place or leave most of the walls painted with only a minimal amount of wall tiling.
  5. Smaller firms typically have smaller profit margins and many “one-man” type businesses charge a labour fee to cover their time and don’t make any profits above their wages. Our prices on this page assume you go with a company that has employees and will be looking to make a profit above the labour fees charged.
  6. Re-use your existing white goods if they in acceptable condition. Don’t forget; the installation cost is the same, regardless of whether the item is new or old, so sometimes it’s best to replace the electrical goods if they are past a certain age.
  7. We have budgeted for units at a value of £1500 which for a “U” shape kitchen should be enough for basic units. You could buy units at the lower end of the quality/price range and make a saving. For an “L” shape kitchen expect mid-range units to cost around £950.

Areas Where You Can Spend More

  1. We have chosen a laminate worktop costing around £200 but you can spend considerably more for solid oak or granite if that’s your thing.
  2. Major relocations of pipework, radiators, boiler or new electric wiring will add to the cost.
  3. Wall tiles and floor tiles. Good quality floor and wall tiles can drastically improve the appearance of a kitchen. We have suggested a price of £200 for a typical “U” shape kitchen in a 3-bed house but you could spend much more if you wanted.

How Much Have Other Visitors to This Website Been Quoted?

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You can also see figures from other people:

Paul Foley (W London)Eight new units, worktop to two sides, oven, hob, sink, lights, floor + wall tiles and paint to walls and ceiling. Good quality materials, not B&Q. (2020)£8000
Heather Varnwood (W Sussex)We didn't replace our fridge or freezer but everything else was new. Ours is a 3-bed home with an average size kitchen. (2019)£7250
Stuart L (Birmingham)Small galley kitchen complete replacement. (2019)£5250
Alison Keller (Surrey)My partner and I have just paid £11500 for a new kitchen to our three bedroom house. We could not be more pleased with the workmanship by [redacted]. Highly recommended. (2017)£11500
Kerry (N London)This is the best price I could get for the installation of an eight unit kitchen, the figure includes all the units, new worktop, sink, oven, white goods and tiles to the walls and floor. (2017)£6500
Michael Garek (Edinburgh)We need a new kitchen for a 2-bed house in Scotland, we intend to rent this property out so our budget is limited. New kitchen, all new apart from the boiler which was replaced recently by the previous owner. The lowest estimate we have received was £5000, what do you think of this? (2017)£5000
keely (Portsmouth)a three bedroom house (2017)£5500 and £5000
Steven Macdonald (Essex)B&Q kitchen supplied and fitted by [redacted] to our 2 bed house. We are so pleased with the quality of the workmanship, their number is [redacted]. (2017)£6000
M. Bashir (North Wales)Your prices are a bit high, prices here in Snowdonia are a bit cheaper than in London or wherever you are based. For a three bed house, a typical basic kitchen, fully fitted and with new white goods will set you back around £5500 (2017)£5500
Danny Brian (Chelsea)We are in the process of sourcing quotes for a new kitchen to our large 2-bed flat. For a bespoke design with good quality materials and new sink,oven,fridge + wall and floor tiles we've been given prices around the £8500 mark, one quote came in at £11,000 but you get what you pay for. I can't imagine any kitchen fitter who charges £1000 or less to fit a kitchen would be any good. The cheapest quote is rarely the best option. The kitchen is the key area where you should spend a little extra because many buyers will pay a premium for a lovely kitchen, you'll probably increase your house value or at least get your investment back. when you sell. (2017)£8500-£11,000

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How Your Location Affects the Cost of a New Kitchen

We are based in the south of the United Kingdom and have had several kitchens installed for us so we have a good idea of how much a basic kitchen costs.

If you live further north or in the far west, you can expect to pay less for the labour, although the cost of the materials will be the same.

Comparing Our New Kitchen Prices to Others

Wren Kitchens have a new kitchen cost calculator and for a “U” shape kitchen, fully fitted but excluding floor and wall tiles expect to pay £5600 for 8 cabinets and £7000 for 12 cabinets.

There are various other companies that offer new kitchen cost calculators online, but most of them exclude so many aspects of the installation (such as wiring, tiling or new white goods) that a comparison would be impossible.

Get Ideas and Inspiration for Your New Kitchen

We aren’t affiliated with any of these websites but do think they have some great ideas:

Homify’s kitchen design ideas

Houzz has sourced thousands of contemporary kitchen photos

House and Garden is another great site worth checking out.

Pinterest has a list of ideas for small kitchens, traditional and modern kitchens.

Try Our Kitchen Budget Planning Spreadsheet

We have created a downloadable kitchen budget planning spreadsheet.

You can use this to list everything you want in your kitchen and then calculate the cost:

See kitchen our budgeting spreadsheet here

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Replacing an old dilapidated kitchen with a new fully fitted kitchen is one of the most reliable ways of increasing a home's value. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a new kitchen can add as much as 4% to its value.
It usually takes between 5 and 6 days to fully replace a kitchen. Allow extra time if there's lots of floor and wall tiles, especially small tiles that take longer to lay. Allow less time if more tradespeople are working at the same time.
We last updated the kitchen cost guide in 2019.

This guide to new kitchen costs was written by and was last updated in May 2021.

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