Typical Driveway Gate Prices

Are you looking to install or replace an electric gate to your property? With a new gate, you can improve the security and privacy of your property as well as making it more appealing to a potential buyer.

There are several different materials to choose from but wrought iron and timber are the most popular. Most gates are now installed with a wireless key fob entry system and an intercom so the occupant can communicate with visitors at the gate.

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Driveway Gates

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Price Guide

Obviously, the size of the gate, the type of material you choose and the overall quality of the build are key factors. If you are swapping a new gate for an old one then the cost will work out much cheaper than having to build brick pillars to hang a brand new gate.

Below is an example cost for purchasing and installing a driveway gate, we have broken down the costs into sections as not everyone wants an electric gate and the various materials and options have very different price tags.

Gate - Supply Only£700.00 - £2000 depending on spec
Automation Mechanism£300-£1800 depending on spec
Intercom System£250 - £1200
Installation Costs£1000 - £3000
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Need Inspiration?

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Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

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Who Does This Type of Work?

Landscape gardeners usually hang manual gates and they can construct brick walls and install fencing etc.

If you want an electric gate with an intercom system, we suggest going with a professional gate installer, they may be more expensive but gate electric gate installation is a specialised trade.

How Long Does it Take to Install Driveway Gates?

The time it takes to install a driveway gate varies and it’s not possible to give an estimate without looking at the specifics of the project.

Replacing an existing gate with a new one takes only a few hours but to construct brick pillars, lay the wiring for the electricity and the intercom etc can take several days.

Is Wrought Iron or Wood Best?

Solid timber gates offer you more privacy and security but require more maintenance. That means frequent painting or sealing.

Metal gates are very popular and don’t need so much maintenance, there is, however, less privacy as they aren’t solid.


When looking at having a gate installed think hard about what type of gate best suits your property and your needs. If you intend to walk through the gate more than drive through it, would it be best to have separate pedestrian access to the side of the main gate?

Do remember that installations are rarely trouble-free, paying for a better quality motor and overall installation may make it less likely that something will go wrong. Cheap materials and poor quality fitting usually result in multiple return visits to put things right.

Type of Automation

There are several different types of automation for your gate:

Swing gates –  this is typically where two gates swing out allowing access. They are the cheapest and best suited to a flat road surface. If your driveway is on a steep slope then this product is not for you.

Sliding gates -These can only be used if you enough space to the side of the gate. It is possible to have two sliding gates, each sliding in an opposite direction but that will require two opening kits and that will cost more.

Ram and swing arm openers – these are attached to the gate or post to push open or close the gate. They are visible, the ram version which is attached to the post is a little more discreet but the swing arm version protrudes from the gate.

Underground system – these are the most discreet type of automation for your gate but are also the most expensive.

Is Planning Permission Required?

If your gate is close to a highway or footpath adjacent to a highway and your gate is one metre or taller then you will need planning permission.

If the gate is higher than two metres then you will need planning permission regardless of how close to the highway the gate is.

You do not require permission to maintain or replace a gate provided you do not increase its height. There are special requirements for listed buildings in the UK.

For more information, we suggest you explore the Planning Portal website.

Electric Gate Quotation

It’s very difficult to estimate the price of electric entry gates without looking at the existing driveway.

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