Insights Into Double Glazing Prices

Double glazing is a great way to improve the appearance and thermal efficiency of any home in the UK. It even made it into our list of the top 7 ways to increase property value.

Unfortunately, the cost of raw materials has skyrocketed in 2021 and 2022 with price increases well into double digits. For example, the cost of Upvc plastic has gone up 40% in the last 18 months alone. The cost of glass and aluminium has also gone up considerably.

In early 2022 we got in touch with two dozen window fitting firms and asked them for prices to install either white or brown double glazing windows.

If you want to know how much double glazing windows cost in 2022, check out our updated price guide below which is based on responses from 24 UK based firms.

ReferenceOn this page, you will discover:

1 – How much we paid for new brown windows and door to a small terraced house in Camberley in 2019 (so a little outdated now).

2 – How much we paid for new white windows, door and patio door to a semi-detached house in Basingstoke (Oct 2016, again outdated now).

3 – How much it costs to buy window and doors on a “supply only” basis, this is a great resource and you can see how much “mark up” installers apply to each product (prices updated 2022)

4 – The results of our research into double glazing window installation prices in 2022, based on prices supplied to use from 24 installers.

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Sales People and What You Need to Know

Salespeople in the double glazing industry usually earn their wages from a commission and the going rate is 15% of the net sale price (exc VAT).

So this commission directly affects the price you pay for your windows should you choose to go with a national window company.

Here is a quote from a double glazing customer of a large national firm:

My windows are being replaced right now. The salesman did the whole phoning his boss thing and we said we were very keen but wanted to talk about it overnight and would let him know in the morning, he offered us £3,000 off to sign that evening, we resisted and he phoned us the next day and offered a further £1,000 off, so we agreed. We phoned up 10 days after signing the contract and cancelled it. This was for a legitimate reason, not just to get more money off. They called us and offered us a further £500 off and said there was absolutely no more that they could discount. The original quote for all of our windows was £12,000 (after discounts!), we are now paying £6,500.

My point is, sign up and cancel within the cooling off period, they will go down to their minimum price to get you back. (source: Pistonheads forum)

Here’s the Deal:

Sales staff not only earn a basic wage and commission but many in this industry also get paid a bonus if they hit targets, which are usually in pounds.

So the more they get from you, the more they earn.

That is why this industry has such a poor reputation for aggressive selling.

Why Does This Matter?

It matters a lot if you are looking around the web for prices.

Not every customer will use a large national company, some will choose a smaller firm that prices their projects more favourably.

Others may choose a larger firm but they may or may not have good negotiating skills.

This can lead to much confusion about what is and isn’t a fair price for double glazing windows.

Keep Reading and We’ll Shed Some Light on the REAL Cost of Double Glazing Windows

Below is our price guide based on three recent projects.

The first is for a property in Camberley, the second for one in Basingstoke.

The third price is for a national manufacturer to deliver the windows to us for a DIY installation.

This is handy as you’ll see how much these windows cost without the installation fee.

We also display an average price, based on quotes from 24 firms.

We are confident that with this knowledge, you’ll have a good idea of how much double glazing windows cost.

1 – Price for Four Double Glazing Windows and One Door – Camberley, Surrey.

In 2019 we had four new windows and one door installed to a back-to-back house we were renovating in Camberley, Surrey.

We chose a local installer that had several hundred reviews on Checkatrade and we had used several years before.

Below are the details of the project.

The price includes VAT. We initially wanted double glazing but they were doing a winter special offer; free upgrades to triple glazing.

Brown woodgrain window 2.2m x 1.3mx1
Brown woodgrain window 1.3m x 1.mx1
Brown woodgrain window 0.85m x 1.3mx1
Brown woodgrain window 0.6m x 1.3mx1
Composite doorx1
Price:£3700 inc VAT
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(Note: windows and door were white on the inside and brown woodgrain style on the outside)

2 – Price for Seven Double Glazing Windows, One Front Door and One Patio Sliding Door

We also had new white framed double glazing windows installed to a semi-detached house in Basingstoke back in late 2016.

We went with a local firm based in Basingstoke and below you can see how much we paid.

The prices below are outdated by now but also include VAT.

White window frame 2.0m x 1.3mx2
White window frame 2.3m x 1.3mx2
White window frame 0.9m x 1.2mx2
White window frame 0.7m x 1.3mx1
Composite doorx1
Patio sliding door 2.2m widex1
Total Cost£5500 inc VAT
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3 – Supply-Only Price For Double Glazing Windows

Using our property in Basingstoke as an example, we can calculate the cost of the double glazing windows on a “supply-only” basis.

Our table below is based on prices from who are one of the leading suppliers of doors and windows in the UK and have hundreds of positive reviews online.

Again, the figures below include VAT and were updated in 2022:

White window frame 2.0m x 1.3mx2£880
White window frame 2.3m x 1.3mx2£950
White window frame 0.9m x 1.2mx2£550
White window frame 0.7m x 1.3mx1£235
Composite doorx1£720
Patio sliding door 2.2m widex1£960
Trimes, beads, packers, sealant and material for minor repairs and touch ups to wallx1£175
Total Cost-->£3560 in VAT
Price Increase From Late 2019 to 2022-->26.8%
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4 – 2022 Double Glazing Window Installation Prices Based on Quotes From 24 Installers

In early 2022 we sent out 24 price requests to double glazing window installers from various locations around the UK.

The project included 7 x windows of various sizes, 1 x composite front door and 1 x sliding patio door, removal and disposal of the old windows, labour and VAT.

The average cost is displayed below but do bear in mind that is an average figure and the prices varied from region to region with London and the South East typically costing more.

Also, we sourced prices from local installers and larger national firms that tend to charge more, the figures below are an average of the all prices received and should be treated with caution, you could be quoted less or more:

7 x windows, 1 x patio sliding door, 1 x front door, waste disposal, VAT, labour.£7150
Price increase from late 2019 to early 202229.1%
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5 – Added Extras You’ll Want to Consider

The prices we have displayed on this page were for the windows we had installed or were quoted for, to keep our costs to a minimum we chose the base model and tried to avoid any upgrades or extras that weren’t needed.

We suggest you take into consideration these when budgeting for your new windows:

Trickle vents (small window)£20 each
Trickle vents (large window)£40 each
Upgrade locks£10 per opener
Chrome or bronze handles£20 each
Upgraded hinges that allow for the window to fully open (ie a fire escape window)£15 per opener
Brown outside and white inside colour+15% extra
Brown outside and inside colour+20% extra
Lead patterned glass+15% extra
Toughened glass+10% extra
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Some of the items above are optional while some are compulsory.

Trickle Vents – these are small vents placed at the top of the window, usually one vent per small window and two for a larger one. If your project is an extension, loft conversion, new build or your existing windows have vents then your new windows must have these trickle vents (unless you have another way of venting each room).

Toughened Glass – this is used on any windows that go down to floor level. Extra protection is needed as these windows are more likely to be impacted by a person or object.

Window Openers – we don’t want to go into too much detail about fire escape windows as that’s outside the scope of this website and regulations are complex and in-depth. We do know, however, that upgrading a window so it fully opens is fairly cheap and is a requirement for some windows (but not all).

Why We Didn’t Install Double Glazing Windows “DIY”

We’ve fitted double glazing windows in the past and the process wasn’t too difficult. However, all new double glazing window installations must now be notified to the local Building Control and a record of the work can be searched by a solicitor on behalf of potential buyers. We aren’t registered as a “competent person” for the installation of such windows and as the work was for a landlord, he needed a record of the installation and evidence that the windows were fitted properly.

This might be worth bearing in mind should you be thinking of installing windows or doors DIY – Competent Persons can self-certify the installation while a DIYer would have to pay for the local building control to inspect the windows and they could highlight issues that would need to be rectified.

More information can usually be found on your local council’s website, an example is here.

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More: has a wide range of products with clearly displayed prices so is a great place to calculate how much it will cost to build and deliver your windows and doors.

We are not affiliated with them and have never purchased anything from them but we know someone who has and they had nothing but good things to say about their experience.

For our property in Camberley (4 windows and 1 door) the work just over one day. On the first day, they removed the old windows and fitted the new ones. On the second day they fitted the trims, beads and sealed the frames to the walls.

Our property in Basingstoke (7 windows and 2 doors) took the installers two full days.

Larger firms, especially the big nationals, will obviously have more overheads and perhaps even shareholders to please, so don't expect them to charge the same as smaller local firms.

We have only ever dealt with smaller businesses as we like to keep our costs to a minimum and our experience tells us that a bigger firm doesn't always mean a better installation.

We are a pair of former construction workers who now renovate houses for a living. We do much of the work ourselves and also bring in other tradespeople to work for us.

We created this website as a way to share our knowledge of DIY, home improvement and budgeting.

We think our research can be very helpful and coud save you a fortune.

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

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