Patio slab price increases

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Update: April 2022

As part of the most recent updating process, the team behind Job Prices discovered that paving slabs in the UK cost on average, 44% more than they did 18 months ago.

This data is based on:

  • An analysis of 18 popular paving slabs.
  • 5 retailers that were selling the slabs in late 2020 and were still selling them in April 2022.


The team found common paving slabs on popular websites including B&Q, Wickes and other well-known sellers.

They then searched the Internet Archive for historical copies of the same web pages and noted the old prices.

A simple calculation then revealed the price increase.

Discover How Much More You’ll Pay For Home Improvement Products

Inflation is rising fast but also unevenly.

Some products are seeing double or even triple-digit inflation while others cost only slightly more than they did 18 months ago.

If you’d like insights into inflation for specific products, we urge you to try the Internet Archive which is a free service.

How The Internet Archive Works

The Internet Archive takes snapshots of web pages at intervals throughout the year.

Visitors can visit the archive and see how a webpage looked at a specific point in the past.

Popular webpages are archived more frequently than less popular ones but the archive is a great resource for anyone wanting to see how prices for products have increased over time.

Visit the Internet Archive here, all you need is the web address of the page you want historical information for.

As for the current cost of a new patio, including materials and labour, explore Job Prices’ guide to patio costs here.

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Author - Danny Woodley
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