Discover How Much It Really Costs To Remove Asbestos From A Garage

Update April 2022: We originally published this guide to the cost of removing asbestos garage roof panels back in 2017. We’ve reviewed the prices since then and not much has changed. There have been some price increases due to inflation but the prices are still reasonable compared to removing asbestos from an enclosed space. We haven’t updated the prices but feel they should provide you with a rough idea of how much garage asbestos removal costs.

But First…

Are you sure your roof is made from asbestos panels? They look nearly identical to modern safe panels and the only to tell is to send off a sample for analysis.

Sounds expensive huh?

Not at all.

Asbestos sampling costs less than £30 and you can also get the results online in less than 48 hours.

Try this product:

Asbestos sampling

If you’re sure your roof contains asbestos, go send off a small sample for analysis, it costs peanuts.

Prices From 7 Asbestos Removal Firms

In late 2017, I sent out price requests to eight asbestos removal companies based in the south of the UK.

Here’s a copy of the email I sent:


I’m just about to put in an offer on a house I would like to buy but I’ve been told the garage has asbestos corrugated sheets on the roof.

Could you give me a ballpark figure for removing and disposing of these sheets from a single garage with good access? The home is in Camberley, Surrey. There are no side panels, just the roof and I’ve been told they are asbestos cement.

I appreciate that it’s difficult to quote a job without seeing the garage but I don’t own the house. An informal ballpark price would be fine.

The garage is roughly 6m x 3m.

Thank you

Only seven of the companies responded and provided me with a price to remove the asbestos.

On this page, I’ll publish all of the prices I received from each of the firms so you can get a good idea of how much professionals are charging to remove asbestos from garage roofs.

But First…

Before you read any further, I ask you to appreciate that there are several different types of asbestos and the prices on this page are for asbestos cement, specifically asbestos cement corrugated roof sheets that are located outdoors.

If you have any other type of asbestos, the prices on this page will not be relevant.

That’s because garage roof sheets are one of the cheapest asbestos materials to remove, considerably more affordable than dusty, loose asbestos that’s located indoors.

If you have asbestos lagging, loose asbestos dust or any type of asbestos located indoors, I urge you to get lots of quotes and you’ll find they all cost more than the prices on this page.

Not Sure What Asbestos Roof Sheets Look Like?

Check out the photos below.

If the asbestos on your roof doesn’t look like this then ignore the prices on this page.

Asbestos roof sheets

Asbestos garage roof sheets

See more examples in our guide to the 8 most common places to find asbestos in the home.

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Removing Corrugated Asbestos Panels From a Garage Roof

Below you’ll find the results of my research in 2017, obviously there’s been some inflation since then but you’ll get a good idea of how much it costs.

Make sure you read my disclaimer at the base of this page.

1 – ARG Group

This company is based in Hertfordshire.

They specialise in construction projects and the surveying and removal of asbestos products from both commercial and domestic buildings.

Here’s the reply I got from Jamie at ARG Group:

Budget cost £400 +vat

Kind regards


Jamie Suggate

Commercial Director

2 – Meyer Environmental

Meyer Environmental is based in Portsmouth and covers the south of the UK.

They offer asbestos surveying and removal services and are VAT registered.

Here’s the reply I got from Sina Meyer at Meyer Environmental:

Good morning,

The cost to remove and dispose of asbestos corrugated sheets to a single garage will be £420.00 plus vat. If you need to discuss any further, please contact me on the details to below.

Kind Regards,

Sina Meyer

Asbestos Director

3 – Hazmove

Hazmove is based in Long Ditton, SW London and cover the south of the UK.

They specialise in the removal of low-grade asbestos, otherwise known as “non-licensable” asbestos that’s often found in roof sheets.

They appear to be a small company that is operating below the VAT threshold, so as a bonus, no VAT is charged.

Here’s the reply I got from Danny at Hazmove:


The cost to remove and dispose of asbestos roof sheets is £ 540.00.

There is no vat to pay and you will receive a hazardous waste disposal certificate.

Kind regards,

Danny Butterfield


4 – Sperion

Sperion is based in Essex, has over 40 years of experience and is VAT registered.

In addition to the removal quote I requested, they also provided a guide price for installing a new non-asbestos corrugated roof on the garage.

This is the reply I received from Clinton Moore at Sperion:

Hello Daniel,

The cost to remove would be £500.00 + VAT

If you require a replacement you would expect to pay around £1400.00 + VAT for a like-for-like corrugated sheet.

Clinton Moore


5 – Westfield Group

Based in Hampshire, Westfield Group removes asbestos products from buildings nationwide.

They also offer encapsulation services.

Here’s the reply I received from Craig Binge at Westfield Group UK Ltd:

Hi Daniel

We would do this for you for £700.00


Craig Binge

6 – Southern Asbestos Solutions

Southern Asbestos Solutions have offices in London, Portsmouth and Southampton.

They are VAT registered and are part of the larger Southern Group company.

Here’s the reply I got from Simon Walker at Southern Asbestos Solutions:

Hi Daniel

Thank you for your recent enquiry. The cost for the removal and disposal of a single layer of corrugated asbestos roof lining to a single garage up to 6m x 3m would be £595+vat. If you have any questions or would like to book the asbestos removal works then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Regards

Simon Walker

Project Manager

7 – AG Edwards Demolition

AG Edwards and Son is a contractor that covers all aspects of demolition, they are also licensed asbestos removers.

The company covers Surrey and the London areas.

This is the reply I received from Darren at AG Edwards and Son:

Hi Daniel,

The removal and disposal would be in the region of £800 to £1000.

Kind regards


(Update 2022: Their business website appears to be offline but we’ll leave their response on this site)

Average Cost

The average cost to remove asbestos roof sheets from a single garage roof is £633 and this figure is based on a sample of seven estimates from companies and professionals in the south of the UK.


Update 2022:

It’s been a few years since I contacted the asbestos removal firms and inflation since the start of the pandemic has skyrocketed (as reported by us here). I expect the cost to remove asbestos roof panels in 2022 to be between £750 and £1000.

Why is Removing Asbestos Roof Panels Cheaper Than Other Types of Asbestos?

Asbestos roof sheets are made with cement which helps to contain the dangerous fibres, a professional company will be able to remove the panels without releasing any harmful dust. Other types of asbestos, such as loose insulation or pipe lagging is very difficult and therefore more costly to remove.

How Long Will it Take to Safely Remove Asbestos Sheets From a Typical Garage?

A single garage can be completed in less than a morning, a double garage will take just over half a day.

How Can I Check the Asbestos Has Been Disposed of Safely?

Ask the removal company to supply you with a certificate from the hazardous waste disposal yard they used to dispose of the waste. Any reputable asbestos removal company will be able to supply you with this certificate.

Do I Need to Vacate the Property While the Work is Completed?

As the work is entirely external and the work will produce no harmful dust, there is no need to vacate the property during the work.

Disclaimer and Conclusion

None of the companies I selected had the opportunity to inspect the roof and they assumed the material was asbestos cement roof sheets.

The asbestos on your roof could be different and more costly to replace.

In a nutshell; the only way you’ll know how much it costs to remove this dangerous material from your home is to get a written quotation from a local asbestos removal company.

Loose asbestos or any similar material located indoors is likely to cost substantially more to remove (Update 2022: We’ve been busy sending out price requests to asbestos removal firms. See how much they are charging for more complex projects here).

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This guide to the removal of asbestos roof sheets was written by and was last updated in April 2022.

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