Conservatory Blinds – How Much Do They Cost?

Welcome to Job Price’s – the UK’s most in-depth guide to home improvement prices in the UK. If you own a conservatory and are looking for prices for blinds, you have come to the right place.

This page is all about conservatory blinds and how much they cost in the UK.

My Conservatory

Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t a big fan of conservatories.

I’ve lived in several homes with these structures bolted onto the rear wall.

I’ve always found them to be either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. In the end, each conservatory just became a storage room.

A few years ago I decided to bite the bullet and turn my expensive junk room into an all-year-round habitable space.

Here are the four things I did:

  • Installed an air conditioning system (see air con prices here) so I could use the conservatory when it was scorching hot.
  • I swapped the old plastic (and tired looking) roof panels for reflective glass, which wasn’t cheap but really made a difference.
  • I then upgraded the radiator in the conservatory for a larger one (see radiator prices here) so I could use the space in the winter.
  • I also fitted pleated blinds to the windows and the roof.

The change has altered how our family uses the home, the conservatory is no longer a “bolted on” structure that’s too hot/cold to use, but instead, we use it every day throughout the year.

The air-con system keeps the room at a perfect temperature, and because we have solar panels, it costs us next to nothing to run during the day.

The new glass roof panels were costly but they keep out most of the sun’s rays, and the blinds keep out the harsh light, we also like the added privacy the blinds give us in the evening.

The larger radiator helps to keep the conservatory toasty in the winter, even on cold nights.

The team here at Job Prices has already published a cost guide for home air con, but what about conservatory blinds? How much do they cost and what options do you have?

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Benefits of Blinds

While conservatory blinds don’t directly increase house value, they can make the space feel like part of the home, rather than a bolted-on structure. This will almost certainly make the home more desirable to a potential buyer.

Also, here are the main advantages:

Maximum Control – especially with Venetian blinds as these can be tilted to allow some light or draft into the home. Even pleated blinds can be partially drawn to your desired preference.

Privacy – this was important to us as our garden is overlooked.

Choice – there’s an almost limitless amount of choice of styles, many will suit lower budgets too.

Professional Installation or DIY – many blinds are incredibly easy to fit onto the window frames (although a bit tricky for the roof panels due to the height). You also have the option of paying an installer to fit them.

Conservatory Blind Options and Prices

Here are the six options you can choose from.

All of the prices below assume a mid-sized conservatory with quality blinds, fully installed and including VAT:

Conservatory Pleated Blinds Cost

pleated brown blindsWe have these installed and couldn’t be happier.


  • lots of choices
  • they tuck away neatly
  • thermal and solar options


  • no panels to tilt
  • not everyone likes the look of pleated blinds
  • it’s much harder to clean fabric than wood or aluminium
Lean-to Conservatory (windows)£1500 - 2250
Lean-to Conservatory (roof)£1000 - 1250
Victorian or Edwardian (windows)£1500 - 2500
Victorian or Edwardian (roof)£2250 - 3250
P Shape (windows)£2250 - 3000
P Shape (roof)£3000 - 4000
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Cellular Blinds

thermal blindsThese are sometimes referred to as honeycomb blinds and are a variant of pleated blinds. They offer excellent thermal properties as they form at least two layers of material between the glass and the interior.


  • look great
  • thermal
  • reduced noise pollution from outside


  • insects can get in the void and are difficult to remove
  • costly
  • harder to clean than wood or aluminium
Lean-to Conservatory (windows)£2250 - 2750
Lean-to Conservatory (roof)£1500 - 2000
Victorian or Edwardian (windows)£2500 - 3250
Victorian or Edwardian (roof)£3250 - 4000
P Shape (windows)£2500 - 3000
P Shape (roof)£4500 - 6000
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Venetian Blinds Prices For Conservatories

Venetion bllindsYou can tilt these panels at various angles.

While plastic and wood are popular options in the home, you may find that they bend, warp or distort in a hot conservatory environment.

Aluminium Venetian blinds are a very popular choice for conservatories.


  • lots of choices
  • easy to install
  • popular choice
  • easy to clean with readily available cleaning tools
  • aluminium variants are lightweight


  • they don’t insulate as well as other blinds
  • wood variants blinds are heavy
  • wood may warp in a hot conservatory, as will cheap plastic variants
Lean-to Conservatory (windows)£1000 - 1750
Lean-to Conservatory (roof)N/A
Victorian or Edwardian (windows)£2250 - 2500
Victorian or Edwardian (roof)N/A
P Shape (windows)£3000 - 3500
P Shape (roof)N/A
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Conservatory Roman Blinds Cost

Roman style blindsI’m not a fan of Roman blinds, that’s just my personal preference. Here are the main points to consider:

  • when raised they create a stack at the top of the window/door
  • like pleated blinds, they’re either up or down; you can’t tilt them to allow some light in
  • an expensive option
Lean-to Conservatory (windows)£2000 - 2500
Lean-to Conservatory (roof)£2500 - 3000
Victorian or Edwardian (windows)£2000 - 2750
Victorian or Edwardian (roof)£3000 - 3750
P Shape (windows)£2500 - 3500
P Shape (roof)£4000 - 5500
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Vertical Blinds Prices

Vertical blindsWe gave serious consideration to vertical blinds as we love the way they look.

In the end, we chose not to buy them as we wanted a blind that had more thermal properties. I also know from experience that these blinds tend to move around a lot if there’s a draft through an open window.

Lean-to Conservatory (windows)£500 - £1000
Lean-to Conservatory (roof)N/A
Victorian or Edwardian (windows)£1000 - 1500
Victorian or Edwardian (roof)N/A
P Shape (windows)£1750 - 2000
P Shape (roof)N/A
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Roller Blinds

roller blindsI’ve always seen roller blinds as a poor man’s choice, but I’m probably too negative as there are some decent products out there.

The drawback for me is the fact that any insects get crushed in the roller so you may get small blood stains on a light coloured material.

Also, they don’t have great thermal properties, and the ones that do are often very bulky, especially on tall windows.

On a positive note, one roller can cover several windows, so they’re often the cheapest option.

Lean-to Conservatory (windows)£750 - 1250
Lean-to Conservatory (roof)£500 - 750
Victorian or Edwardian (windows)£1250 - 1500
Victorian or Edwardian (roof)£1000 - 1250
P Shape (windows)£2000 - 2250
P Shape (roof)£1750 - 2500
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Don’t Choose the Cheapest Option

The photo below shows what can happen to cheap plastic blinds when they’re exposed to heat inside a hot conservatory or building.

The Upvc in this blind has warped and bent. As a general rule of thumb, thin plastic isn’t the best material to use in direct sunlight.

Image sourced from Blinds Journal


Get Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, then try Pinterest. I love this site; you can browse thousands of different blind combinations.

Try these two links to get you started:

Conservatory blind ideas

Roof window blind ideas

Popular Places to Get Quotes

Here’s a list of popular blind retailers, the companies at the top of the list are the most expensive and you’ll probably pay more with them:

Thomas Sanderson is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of blinds in the UK. Although many of their blinds are at the top of the quality index, they’re also one of the most expensive.

Hillarys sell blinds, curtains and awning and are a well-known brand in the UK; their prices tend to be near the upper end of the cost scale.

Direct Blinds sell direct, and they don’t offer a fitting service, this could be an issue for roof blinds, but it’s worth taking measurements of your windows and exploring their supply-only prices. They have excellent ratings on Trust Pilot.

Blinds 2 Go have a good selection of reasonably priced curtains and blinds including “Perfect Fit” and “EasyFIT” clip-on framed blinds. All their products come with fitting instructions, but they don’t currently offer an installation service. We’ve purchased wooden blinds from this firm before and are very pleased with the quality of the products.

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