The Best Compost Bins For Garden Waste Recycling

Read our guide where we take a detailed look at the different types of compost bins sold in the UK.

We’ve taken into account cost, effectiveness, ventilation and drainage.

Explore our review below.

(Update 2022: If you really want to make the most out of composting, try a hot composter like this. You’ll get fresh compost in a fraction of the time.)

Brest compost bins image collageWhat is a Compost Bin?

A compost bin is a storage device that allows organic material to decompose into compost that can be used in the garden to promote the healthy growth of fruit, vegetables and plants.

Sounds simple right?

A poor quality compost bin can result in slimy unusable waste that you certainly wouldn’t want to spread around your garden.

Unpleasant smells and slow rates of decomposition are also telltale signs of issues with your compost bin.

While composting isn’t rocket science, there is a knack to getting it right and it all starts with you choosing the best composting bin.

1) Best Compost Bin For Small Gardens

Berst compost bin for smaller gardens

The Smiles Wood Craft Beehive compost bin is by far the best looking of all the bins we checked out. We think it would look great in any garden.

Visitors to your home will never guess what’s inside this neat beehive-styled wooden box. It even has a neat apex-shaped lid.

Handmade by a company in Wiltshire, this bin is made from quality tanalised treated timber and is designed to last for years to come.

Available in three sizes, all of which come pre-assembled, unlike many other products that must be assembled by the buyer.

The seller has suggested that the product should last for up to 15 years but recommends treating the timber every 3 years.

Online reviews from confirmed buyers report that this product is neat, compact and sturdy.

The box sections come apart in layers (like a man-made beehive) which makes getting to your compost easy.

We think this is the best compost bin for small gardens, go check it out by tapping the button below:

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2) Best Large Capacity Compost Bin

Plastic composter - largeIf you have a large garden and require a compost bin with more capacity, choose your product wisely!

There are plenty of large plastic bins for sale online and most of them have the same problems – they’re far too flimsy and once full they will bend, buckle, distort and fall apart.

The team here at Job Prices think you’ll be better off with several smaller compost bins rather than one extra-large one. However, if that doesn’t work for you, consider this 300-litre plastic compost bin by 4smile.

Easy to assemble, affordable price and made from dark colours to blend in with your garden surroundings, this is the best of the biggies.

While you’ll find larger capacity bins, we think you should avoid them. Plastic generally isn’t strong enough to hold 500+ litres of heavy compost.

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3) The Best Value Garden Composter

This 220 litre compost bin is one of many similar plastic composters on sale today.

Made from recycled plastic and features a removable push-fit lid at the top and a large opening at the base for removing the compost.

Plastic compost bins are lightweight when empty so consider partially filling this bin or placing it in a location shielded from the wind.

This plastic compost bin comes with an optional base plate which prevents rats from entering the bin from the ground. This is recommended for areas with lots of rats – including towns and cities etc.

Choose from either green or black so this compost bin blends in with your garden.

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4) Best Compost Bin Made From Metal

Metal composterThe Simpa metal compost bin is one of our favourites.

To put it bluntly, it doesn’t look like a compost bin and if you have similar waste bins in your garden, the Simpa will blend in neatly.

Made from galvanised steel, the Simpa won’t rust although we would have liked to see the metal a little thicker and sturdier.

Unlike many plastic bins on the market, the Simpa compost bin has a lid with secure catches, so it won’t blow off in the wind.

You can remove the compost from the base of the bin via a small vertical sliding hatch.

The Simpa is great for compostable kitchen waste but due to its small size, it’s probably not large enough for general garden waste.

With a closed base, this bin prevents rats from gaining access  – perfect for areas with lots of rats, ie city centres.

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5) Fastest Composter – The Tumbler by Yimby

Tumbling compost bin by Yimby

The Yimby tumbling composter is perfect for beginners and ideal for kitchen food waste that you want to decompose into usable garden compost.

The device has two compost chambers and unlike open bins, there’s no need to turn your pile – just roll the composter every day or so.

Made from durable non-BPA plastic, this tumbling compost bin is practical yet unusual. Ideal for small gardens, the Yimby is free standing so place it on your lawn, patio or even decking.

If you choose to roll the Yimby more frequently, you’ll find it decomposes the material even quicker, in just a month or so, it will be producing usable compost.

With excellent aeration, this product breaks down organic material faster than any other compost bin on the market.

The Yimby is made from recycled UV protected plastic and has received many positive reviews on Amazon and other retail websites.

If you have a small property and are looking for something a little different, try a tumbling compost bin.

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Buying Guide – What to Look Out For

If you’ve never purchased a compost bin before, follow the tips below.

  1. Non UV protected plastic will become brittle if left in the sunlight for long periods of time. Choose either a UV protected product or make sure your plastic compost bin is located in a shady area.
  2. Plastic bins are very light and somewhat flimsy, when empty they often get blown away by the wind. Not all plastic bins can be screwed down, so consider your placement carefully or choose a heavier wooden or metal compost bin.
  3. Large bins, especially large plastic bins often struggle to contain the weight of several hundred litres of compost. Consider two or three smaller bins rather than one extremely large one.
  4. Compost bins should have ventilation to prevent the material from turning slimy. You’ll find it easy to drill vent holes into timber compost bins, plastic ones may splinter or break.
  5. Not all compost bins have an opening at the base for you to remove the material, some require you to dismantle the device in layers. Consider if this is practical for your needs.
  6. If you live in an area with a high rat population, your compost bin will attract the vermin. For them, it’s a five-course meal delivered directly to their doorstep! Consider a compost bin with a base plate to prevent rats from digging into the bin.

This guide to the best compost bins was created by the team here at Job Prices.

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