Hello and Welcome to Claire’s Corner

Claire Mitchell

My name is Claire and this corner of our site contains reviews, help guides, and articles about subjects that I’m personally interested in:

The newly disabled guide offers advice to those that have found themselves recently disabled. It contains lots of helpful resources to explore.

Our comprehensive guide to benefits, entitlements and financial aid for ex-forces personal is a great read for either forces, ex-forces or even partners or relatives of forces persons.

Our pensioner guide is designed for those who need more information about their financial entitlements in the United Kingdom.

The new parent’s guide to keeping young children safe in the home is a great resource with product reviews and suggestions.

Get started with genealogy with my introductory guide. Take the first steps to find out more about your family history.

Is Calpol safe? See what ingredients are included in this popular children’s medicine – explore our detailed look at Calpol.

Explore our guide to helping the environment – 101 ways to reduce to reduce your carbon footprint.