The Cheapest Cars to Insure in the UK

Update 2022: We created this guide to the cheapest cars to insure back in late 2019 and while the prices displayed may be outdated, the cars listed will still be some of the cheapest you can insure in the UK.

Insurers take into account dozens of factors when calculating the cost of a car insurance policy.

The car plays a big part in this and it’s not just the size of the engine that matters.

How easy the vehicle is to repair along with the cost and availability of spare parts also being key factors.

Safety features such as lane assist, automatic braking and parking sensors reduce claims so can help to lower insurance premium.

Look out for insurance categories which range from 1-50 with vehicles in groups 1-4 being the cheapest to insure.

On this page, you’ll find our revised list of the top ten new and used cheapest cars to insure in 2019 and 2020.

1) Ford KA+

Ford Ka

The Ford KA+ was introduced in 2016 and replaces the extremely popular but somewhat quirky previous model. The range of cars sit in insurance groups 1-3 with the 1.2litre Studio (69ps) currently in insurance group 1 – this is the cheapest category. Being a Ford, you can expect spare parts to be readily available and the vehicle can be easily repaired.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£850 - £880
25 Year Old£740 - £810
40 Year Old£245 - £340

2) Nissan Micra

NIssan MicraThe Nissan Micra has some of the best safety features of any car at this price range which include autonomous braking, lane assist and auto-dipping headlights. Awarded the prestigious 5 star NCAP rating, the Micra is much more than just a sharp-looking supermini. Choose the nippy 1.0litre (70ps) model for the cheapest car insurance as it sits in the lowest group category – 1.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£885 - £975
25 Year Old£845 - £890
40 Year Old£210 - £340

3) Hyundai i10

Hyundai_i10 car in red

Hyundai’s i10 is one of the cheapest cars to insure and boasts plenty of boot space and even room for two adults in the rear seats, not bad for a city car with a 68ps, 1.0litre engine. Even the upgraded premium version sits in insurance group 1 so you won’t pay extra insurance for creature comforts such as climate control.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£975 - £1050
25 Year Old£845 - £925
40 Year Old£350 - £525

4) Volkswagon Polo

Polo car in white

German engineering doesn’t just apply to high-end performance vehicles and the Volkswagon Polo is proof you can have your cake and eat it. Style, comfort, features, low running costs and reliability complement the insurance group 1 category. This is one of the cheapest cars to insure but you would never guess by looking at it. Did we mention you get tons of internal space and the largest boot space of any car within this price range?

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£1550 - £1800
25 Year Old£1200- £1350
40 Year Old£450 - £490

5) Volkswagon Up

Volkswagen Up

While not as cheap to buy as many of its rivals, the Volkswagon Up is available in a group 1 insurance category, making this one of the cheapest cars to insure. Like the Polo, expect German quality engineering inside and out, the semi-automatic gearbox is a bonus too. Perfect for city driving rather than motorways, expect reliability and low emissions from the small 1litre 59ps engine tucked away in this lightweight vehicle.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£950 - £1100
25 Year Old£800- £1025
40 Year Old£350 - £410

6) Smart ForFour


The Smart Car returns with this 4 seat version that’s perfect for city and town driving with the smallest of turning circles and it’s super easy to park even in the tightest of spaces. The 1-litre engine offers 73ps, perfect for short journeys but don’t expect any punch on long motorway distances. While the Smart ForFour sits in group 1 for insurance and is quirky as they come, it isn’t the cheapest car to buy.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£1080 - £1210
25 Year Old£830- £980
40 Year Old£330 - £435

7) Ford Fiesta

Ford fiesta UK

First introduced in 1976, the Ford Fiesta is one of the best selling cars in the UK and is currently in its 6th iteration. Choose the entry-level Style model which is in the group 2 insurance category and boasts a 1.1litre engine and 70ps. Not only is the Fiesta stylish, fun to drive and practical, but there are also plenty of replacement parts readily available, making the Fiesta affordable and easy to repair.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£1310 - £1380
25 Year Old£980 - £1050
40 Year Old£350 - £480

8) Skoda CitiGo

CitiGo car in white

There was a time when name Skoda was synonymous with communist-controlled Eastern European car production lines. Skoda was once the butt of all car-related jokes but those days are long gone, now owned by Volkswagon, Skoda cars are stylish, well-built and popular among all ages. The CitiGo has two versions, the 2-door and the 4-door, both in group 1, making this one of the cheapest cars to insure in the UK. The Volkswagen Up and this Skoda are made in the same factory, to very similar specifications and with only superficial differences in appearance.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£925 - £990
25 Year Old£820 - £880
40 Year Old£370 - £420

9) Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris car

The Toyota Yaris is like Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it. Expect a flimsy cheap interior with limited space for both front and rear passengers. What you do get is a nippy 1.0litre engine rated at 70ps and several key safety features which help to secure this car in the group 2 insurance category. Drivers can enjoy the use of parking sensors, automatic braking and auto-dipping headlights. The Yaris is also one of the cheapest cars to run in the UK.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£1060 - £1200
25 Year Old£850 - £1000
40 Year Old£270 - £440

10) Vauxhall Corsa

Choose the 1.4 litre 74ps Active version and you’ll be driving a group 1 car benefitting from cheap car insurance, cruise control, heated windscreen, alloy wheels and a decent entertainment screen. The downside is the lack of space and poor ride experience. We prefer the Volkswagon Polo but the Corsa makes it onto our list of cheap cars to insure in the UK.

Age of Driver:Price Range (based on 5 quotes):
18 Year Old£1350 - £1550
25 Year Old£925 - £1250
40 Year Old£350 - £480

The Top Ten Factors Used to Calculate Your Car Insurance Premium

Here are the top 12 factors that insurance providers take into account when pricing a car insurance policy

  1. The age of the driver.
  2. Where the driver lives.
  3. Where the vehicle is left at night ie road, driveway, garage.
  4. The type of car, it’s power output, value and security features.
  5. When the driver passed his or her test.
  6. Driving record including penalty points.
  7. Unspent convictions.
  8. Claims history.
  9. Usage, ie social or also to and from a place of work.
  10. Level of cover, third party, with fire and theft cover or fully comprehensive.
  11. Annual mileage driven.
  12. Policy excesses including extra voluntary excesses.

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