Cheap Fencing Ideas That Look Great But Won’t Break The Bank

If you’re looking for fence panel inspiration but are on a tight budget, look no further.

This page is all about cheap, effective and stylish fence panels you can install in your garden.

While many garden fences are little more than a practical borderline between neighbouring gardens, the best fences combine privacy, protection and style.

Don’t forget; you can blend fences with other garden materials to create a feature that’s truly unique.

The Picket Fence

Pickets fences are affordable and easy to install.

They’re ideal for dark gardens as they allow more light through, this makes them perfect for those wishing to grow grass in shade.

On the downside, they aren’t good for homes with dogs as the fence can be easily scaled. They offer no protection from burglars or prying eyes either.

White picket fences are the most popular and look great set against a foreground of bedding flowers.

Image source: VOH Architects

The Pallet – Cheap Ideas For Fences

If you’re looking for an affordable DIY option, consider creating a fence from old pallets.

Pallets are used in the distribution industry and are readily available, cheap as chips and can be remodelled into dozens of different patterns.

The Good Home Design has 16 wood pallet ideas for you to digest.

Woven Fences

Woven fences come in a variety of design and colours. Those made from branches are particularly popular as they look natural and blend in well with woodland.

Woven fence

Image source: Primrose

For those looking for a more modern design, try a strip woven panel like this:

Image source: Jacksons

Gardenista has a page dedicated to woven fence ideas, go check it out here.

Trellis Fence Ideas

Trellis fences are perfect for those of you that would like more light in your garden and are prepared to compromise on privacy.

Don’t forget, you can install solid fence panels near your home for privacy and trellis panels further down the garden.

These panels are also great for climbing plants such as Clematis.

Image source: Jacksons

The Garden Trellis Company has a great photo gallery where you’ll find plenty of products to inspire you.

The Low-Level Fence (with optional trellis tops)

Lap fence panels sold in the UK are usually 1.8m x 18.m, that’s 6ft x 6ft in old money.

You can save money by choosing a smaller fence, 5ft and even 4ft fences are popular.

You do have the option of extending the height of the fence with a trellis topper.


Bamboo has been used for fencing and partitioning for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

From fully fledged fence panels to rollable screens, bamboo is an excellent choice.

Because bamboo is flexible, you can bend it into almost any shape you want, this makes it a great option for the keen DIYer.

Check these images from UK Bamboo:

The cost of bamboo is also competitive, check out these prices here.


Gabion fences are an unusual and exciting way to create a boundary partition.

You can choose from hundreds of different coloured stones or blend several together to create a pattern of your choice.

The most popular option is to alternate gabion and timber fence panels in the same garden:

Gabion fences

Image source: Gabion Supply

Gabion and timber fences

Image source: Gabion Supply

Diane and Deane DIY has a page dedicated to backyard gabion ideas.

Artificial Screens

For those of you that want a green border or perimeter but want to keep maintenance to a bare minimum, consider artificial screens.

These products are affordable and are a great way to cover an unsightly fence or box in an area that you want to hide from view, for example, bin storage areas.

Watch this video:

Amazon has tons of reviews of artificial hedges, go check them out here.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Pro to Install a Fence?

We’ve created a cost guide for installing fence panels in the UK.

Check out our cost guide here.

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