Moving Home? Print or Save This Change of Address Checklist

key in door of new home

Are you planning on moving home soon?

If so, you may use, save or print our change of address checklist below.

You should update your address details as soon as possible because:

  • Conflicting information held by credit reference agencies can affect your credit score and chances of getting finance.
  • You don’t want to be financially associated with anyone moving into your old address.
  • You don’t want to lose any important deliveries – don’t forget, Royal Mail redirection only affects mail sent through Royal Mail, not other delivery firms.
  • To avoid identity theft.

We suggest you also check your credit score and the information held by the credit reference agencies in the months after you move home.

Clearscore is currently free and uses data from Equifax, one of the leading credit reference agencies.

A printer friendly version can be found here.

Banking and Savings

 Current bank accounts
 Savings accounts
Investment accounts/bonds etc
Other _________

Other Finance

 Private pensions
 Loan companies
 Credit cards
 Store cards
Other _________

Taxes and Benefits

 Your employer
 HMRC (this updates for the state pension, tax credits, child benefit, national insurance and income tax)
 Council tax
Other _________


Other _________


 TV Licence
 Phone line
 Mobile phone
Other _________


 Car insurance
 House insurance
 Pet insurance
 Travel insurance
 Health insurance
 Life insurance
Other _________


 Pharmacy (if you get medicine delivered)
Other _________

Vehicle and Driving

 DVLA for driving licence
 Vehicle Insurance
 V5C vehicle logbook
 Vehicle breakdown cover
Other _________

Local Services

 College and university
Other _________


 Online food shopping
Online subscriptions
Other _________


 Electoral register
 Offline subscriptions
 Gym membership
 Setup Royal Mail redirection (You will incur a fee but this service redirects mail and protects you from identity theft)
Other _________

This change of address checklist was created by the team at Job Prices.

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