The Easiest Way to Calculate How Many Bricks You’ll Need to Build a Wall

Some people, usually beginners or DIYers, often struggle to calculate the number of bricks or blocks needed to construct a wall.

Order too few and you’ll waste time ordering another delivery. Pay for too many and you’ll waste money and have to arrange disposal of the excess materials.

Use our guide below to quickly and easily calculate how many bricks you need.

First: Choose Your Type of Wall

Brick walls are laid in various thicknesses and the description of each type can be a little confusing.

We suggest you avoid terms such as “single” or “double” because they’re ambiguous and likely to be misunderstood

The terms half, one brick and one and a half brick are most commonly used:

Wall thickness terms

The slimmest wall, if made from typical house bricks,  is usually 4 inches wide and is called a half brick wall, here’s a photo:

Half brick wall

The next size is 9 inches and is called a one brick wall, here’s an image:

One brick thick wall

Here is a one and half brick wall:

One and a half thick wallHow Many Bricks Are Needed Per Square Metre of Wall?

The tables below are for bricks and blocks:

Standard bricks, laid to a half brick thick wall:

Bricks (4" or half brick thickness)60 per sq mtr
Cement11.5kgs per sq mtr
Sand58.5kg per sq mtr
Plasticiser8ml per sq mtr
Extra bricks per pier (single brick pier)14 bricks per vertical mtr
Extra bricks per pier (brick and a half pier)34 bricks per vertical mtr

Standard bricks, laid to a one brick thick wall:

Bricks (9" or 1 brick thickness)120 per sq mtr
Cement22.5kg per sq mtr
Sand122.5kg per sq mtr
Plasticiser15ml per sq mtr


Blocks10 per sq mtr
Cement4.3kgs per sq mtr
Sand21.4kg per sq mtr
Plasticiser2.9ml per sq mtr

(All tables assume a mix ratio of 5:1)

How to Calculate The Square Metre of a Wall

To use our tables on this page, you’ll need to know the size of the wall in square metres.

Here’s how you calculate this:

Wall in square metres

For a gable or apex, it’s easier to calculate this section separately.

Just get the overall height and length, calculate the square metre and then divide in half:

Calculate bricks gable apex

Don’t Forget Wastage

Bricks are sold in packs and it’s quite normal for a few to be damaged, usually from a forklift, being dropped or from miss-cuts.

For most projects, we suggest you increase your order by at least 5% to allow for wastage.

If your wall has lots of gables or unusual shapes then you’ll lose more through wastage, so allow for an extra 10%.

How Many Bricks or Blocks in a Pack or Pallet?

Bricks are not sold by the pallet but by the pack.

Most packs contain between 400 and 500 bricks but there’s no universally accepted quantity, each manufacturer is different.

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