How Much Does Block Paving Cost?

Block paving has been around for decades and is a very popular choice for driveways, paths and as an alternative to patio slabs in the garden.

Personally, I love the appearance of “tumbler” type square blocks as I feel they look more visually appealing than the mass-produced rectangular blocks that are seen on millions of driveways.

Whatever your tastes and preferences, we think you’ll find our price guide insightful.

On this page you’ll discover:

  • a guide price for the installation of blocks and tumblers
  • a look at how a driveway is replaced 
  • a breakdown of the costs; labour, materials and waste disposal etc
  • information about regulations such as drainage and how much this costs
  • planning permission info
  • a time-lapse video of a typical installation

Need a price for block paving to your driveway? Let us help you with a rough guide price and even point you in the right direction to get a fixed written quote.

We are tradespeople ourselves, so we know how to price jobs. A new driveway will dramatically improve the appearance of your property and block paving is a perfect choice.
Block paving is the most expensive of the four driveway options you have available:

Gravel/stones – This one of the cheapest materials to use on a driveway, they can look appealing at first but are difficult to keep clean, especially if you have lots of trees nearby that shed leaves. Gravel and stone can be difficult to walk on in high heels and the material can get caught in the grip of car tyres and fall off in the street outside the house.

Tarmac – Black is the most popular colour but red is also an option to consider. Tarmac is fairly cheap but does require as much preparation underground as block paving.

Concrete – Pattern imprinted concrete offers the most choice in terms of pattern size and shapes. It’s not to everyone’s taste but check out our price guide here.

Blocks – This page covers the cost of block paving, both regular blocks and premium tumblers are costed.

In our opinion; blocks and tumblers are the most visually appealing and there are various pattern and edging options available.

Once complete, the driveway can increase the value of the property and also help your house to sell quicker as it will be more desirable.
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What You Get For Your Money

Here is a list of the steps involved with a block paving installation, the prices on this page include all of this:

  • Locate all services such as water, gas and cables
  • Plan the works, including drainage channel, manhole covers and soakaway location if needed
  • Excavate the area to the required depth and level off
  • Next, the ground is compacted and a weed proof membrane is laid
  • MOT type 1 material is then compacted to a depth of 150mm with a layer of sharp sand on the top
  • The blocks are then laid, edgings cemented in place and a doorstep constructed
  • Very fine sand is then brushed into the gaps between each block

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This is a Great Time Lapse Video

Cost For Driveway Block Paving

While there are regional variations in price (more about that later on this page), the size of the driveway and how much groundwork is needed are the primary price factors.

Use our prices below as a guide to block paved driveway prices, we updated these prices in 2021:

Small Driveway 1-2 cars (40 sq mtr):

The guide price below is for a 40 square metre driveway which is large enough for 1-2 cars with plenty of space either side:

Regular Blocks£4800.00
Premium Tumblers£5600.00
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Large Driveway 4-5 cars (100 sq mtr):

A 100 square metre driveway is quite large and suitable for 4-5 cars, depending on the shape.

Regular Blocks£10500.00
Premium Tumblers£12500.00
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Don’t Forget:

The prices above include the cost of excavating the ground and laying a sub-base. This is an arduous task that, on a larger project, can take several days and involves removing several tonnes of soil, disposing of it and replacing it with a compacted base. This work is not cheap or easy to accomplish.

There are several websites that suggest prices for laying the blocks onto an existing base, this is a much cheaper option but isn’t always possible or desirable.

One could argue that displaying prices excluding a sub-base is a little misleading as the sub base is so important and costly.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Materials include items such as blocks, edging blocks, MOT type 1 material, bedding sand and finishing sand, cement, drainage channels etc.

Waste removal is usually by skip for small driveways or by grab lorry for large jobs.

The labour includes the wages of the workers, the running costs of the business and the profit margins.

Assumptions and Extra Costs

We have provided a rough price for block paving but to achieve that we had to make some assumptions.

When you gather your own fixed quotes, some of these may or may not apply:

We assume non-permeable blocks are used, permeable ones will cost more.

We already have a soakaway in place in our garden and only require a drainage channel at one end of the driveway. If you need a new soakaway installed, or extensive excavation/pipework for your drainage channel to reach an existing soakaway then expect extra cost.

Relocating manhole covers to a more discreet part of the driveway, or into a flower bed will improve the appearance of the driveway but will add extra cost.

We assume that the excavation work doesn’t involve removing trees or embankments etc.

How Much Have You Been Quoted For a New Driveway?

This is your opportunity to let other visitors to our site know how much you’ve been quoted for a new driveway.

Warren Sidaway (West Midlands)Excavate to levels required (sloping driveway), lay 150 mm Type 1 MOT, lay membrane weed control. Hand lay 50 mm of 20 mm base course black tarmac, hand lay 40 mm of 6 mm dense black SMA wearing course. Driveway area 300 square metres. 5-year guarantee. (2021)£13,000 inc VAT
Adam (Cardiff)160 sq m tarmac overlay residential driveway (2020)£6500
Margaret (Manchester)Driveway 18m2 Ecogrid £270 Sub base £90 Under gravel £90 Sand and cement £60 Machinery £70 Edging £50 Waste removal/skip £140 Labour 3/4 days £950 Not including the gravel (2020)£1720
Mrs Paige (South London)Driveway for three cars. New tarmac. (2020)£3900
Clara (unknown)Old stone driveway removed and replaced with tarmac with white speckles. raised edges. 10m long and 4m wide roughly (2020)£5600
mr angel (newcastle)tarmac topup over original four-car driveway that was looking tired but otherwise in good condition (2020)£2300
Kalpesh (Essex)Concrete imprint driveway 48m2 @ £100 per m2. Agreed the price @ £4,500. Was expecting between £4,000 and £4,500. (2019)£4500
Adam Lawrence (Newport)237M2 of Printed Concrete. 6 car drive at the front of the house with a 2.5m strip running 35m to the garage at the rear. Just completed in printed concrete. (2019)£13000
Cindy (Gateshead)117 square meters stamped concrete (2019)£7000
SLI Driveways (Dudley)In our are which is Dudley West Midlands (includes Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Halesowen) Block paving is anything from £45.00 m2 by bodgit and scarperand upto and beyond £120.00 m2 by reputable companies like ourselves. The upper price includes all excavation work, removal of spoil, supply, lay and compaction of hardcore, supply and screed sand and lay blocks. All work should always come with a no quibble guarantee of at least 5 years. (2019)£120 per m2 inc VAT
Ann Haywood (Nuneaton Warwickshire)WANT TARMAC DRIVE. STONED DRIVE AT PRESENT. DRIVE IS ROUGHLY 25 X 22 METERS (2019)£5000
Joshua (Plymouth)Gravel drive way 4.8 x 2.4 including removal of wall (2017)£5605
Kevin (W London)Small driveway for just two cars (blocks) (2017)£3250
Mike (Sunbury)Tarmac to driveway for three cars (2017)£2750
Kelly Kitson (Midlands)Tarmac driveway (2017)£2000
Daniel West (Poole)Gravel driveway including new drainage soakway (2017)£2250
Derick (S East)Block pavers including drain channel and edges. 95 square metres (2017)£12500
[redacted] (Somerset)Your prices are too low. At [redacted] we charge around £120 per sq mtr for large block paving driveways all inclusive. Sure, you can get the work done cheaper with poor quality materials but why would you wnat to choose the cheapest? You get what you pay for, also how long s a peice of string? Every job is different, that's why driveway installers like don't like publishing our prices online not because we have anything to hide. (2017)£120 per sq mtr for a typical project

You can add your own prices by filling out this form (no email required).

Need Inspiration?

As frequent visitors to our site will know, we love Pinterest and feel it’s the best place to get ideas for almost any interior or exterior home improvement project.

For those of you that have never been to this site before; it’s really easy to use.

Anyone can sign up and create a portfolio of awesome images that are sourced from anywhere on the web.

These then form collections and can be searched by entering a few words into the search bar.

Pinterest is popular with artists and designers wanting to showcase their work but can also be used by homeowners to get ideas.

So you are in need of a little inspiration, you could start with the link below:

Discover 25+ awesome block paving ideas on Pinterest.

Here are some ideas we sourced from Pinterest:

Block paving ideas

Rustic Quartz Quartzite Block Paving. Image sourced from Natural Paving

Hidden drainage channel for block paving

Hidden drainage channel from Kebur

The hidden channel looks discreet when viewed from above. Image from Kebur

Bradstone Block Paving – Stonemaster Granite Grey. Image sourced from Landscape Supplies Direct

Get more ideas and inspiration from Pinterest

Where’s The Best Place to Get a Quote?

Our guideline prices for a new block paved driveway are just that, guide prices that provide a ballpark figure.

There are various websites that can use to check the credentials and reviews of local tradespeople.

Hit the button below to read reviews of local tradespeople via our preferred partner:

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Cheap blocks cost around £10-12 per square metre inc VAT delivered.

Premium Blocks will set you back up to £35 per square metre.

Neither of those prices includes the cost of the sub-base, membrane, bedding sand, top sand or extras such as drainage channels and manhole covers.

As a guideline, we suggest a "supply only" price of around £42-48 per metre for regular blocks and materials, depending on driveway size.

For premium tumbled blocks and all materials, expect to pay between £55 and 65 per metre supplied, again depending on the size of the driveway.

This depends on how much excavation work is involved, this and the sub-base will take up most of the time.

Also, the more workers on the project, the quicker it will take.

For a small driveway, around 35 square metres, we would suggest around 3-4 days.

For a larger 100 square metre project, expect the work to take around 7-10 days.

Yes, we have included VAT in our price estimates shown above.

Did you know that some businesses don't need to charge VAT?

Find out more on our VAT guidance page.

We sourced prices for a driveway to a property in the south of the UK during 2016. The prices on this page are based primarily on those quotes and also our general knowledge of the building and renovation industry.
That depends on its current condition. If you already have a block paved driveway then it's possible to re-use the existing base assuming it hasn't sunk. Otherwise, it would be best to rip up the old base and start again.
Yes, the price of waste disposal is only heading in one direction and that is upwards. Also, the location of the property does affect the final quote. Building materials such as the MOT type 1 hardcore used as a base also vary upon location. Labour costs are also much less in the north of the UK compared to London.
This is one of the biggest advantages of block paving, if you damage any part of the driveway, perhaps by dropping something heavy or as a result of an oil spill, you can just replace the affected blocks. This isn't possible with tarmac, where an area would need to be cut out and then patch repaired. Pattern Imprinted Concrete can't be repaired either in the event of damage.

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

Day Rates For Tradespeople

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