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About This Calculator

Each year the team here at Job Prices contacts dozens of driveway installers and asks them to supply us with a quote for replacing a typical driveway.
The prices created by this calculator are based upon the figures we’ve received.
We’ve included VAT at the current 20% rate but you might not be charged this tax if your block paving specialist is trading below the VAT registration threshold.
Use this block paving cost calculator as a general guide to driveway prices in the United Kingdom.

What’s Included in the Price:

Our block paving cost calculator covers includes the cost of the materials, waste disposal, labour costs and VAT for a typical driveway replacement project.


Every block paving driveway project is different and the cost of labour, materials, profit margins and waste disposal vary from project to project and region to region. The prices displayed on this calculator may not reflect the true cost of your project and are simply based on quotes we’ve received from various contractors within the last 12 months. We urge you to get a fixed written quote from a local flat roof specialist.


How long does a block paving driveway last?

Block paved driveways will last many decades. Early failure is usually due to the base having been incorrectly installed and is now sinking.

How can I reduce the cost of a new block driveway?

Removing and replacing the base of the driveway is expensive, if you can reuse the existing base, you’ll save on time, materials and money. Recycling the old materials, sand and soil can help to reduce the cost of waste disposal.

Do I need to seal the surface?

Driveway sealing is entirely optional but can protect the blocks from oil spills, moss and weed growth.

How accurate is the block paving cost calculator?

We update the price calculator each year and the figures are based on quotes from driveway installers in the UK. Our calculator is more accurate for driveways of average size but the larger the driveway, the more difficult it is to provide a price without inspecting the property first.

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