Artificial Lawn Prices in the UK

Update 2022: We’ve updated the artificial prices on this which have increased over the 18 months due to inflationary pressure; this has been reported in the media and we’ve covered it extensively on our blog. If you would like a custom price, fill in this form with details of your project.

20 years ago you would have been laughed at for even considering a fake artificial lawn. After all, this is the UK, where a traditional perfect lawn has been the cornerstone of a green-fingered gardener’s dream.

However, times have changed and with today’s busy lifestyles, that perfect natural lawn isn’t as desirable as a low maintenance practical product.

The quality of artificial grass has also improved and these products now actually look like grass. There are also a ton of options so we are confident you’ll be able to find a product that meets your requirements and stays within your budget.

On this page, you’ll discover:

  • Options available to you.
  • An installation price guide per square metre.
  • “Supply only” prices per square metre.
  • A detailed look at all the materials needed and how much they cost – handy for DIYers.
  • A “works schedule” so you can see how this material is laid in the garden.
  • Tips on how you can save money.
  • How to compare prices online for your project.

So, if you’re thinking about installing an artificial lawn in your garden, you’re not alone, more and more people are choosing this material as an alternative to a real grass lawn, but how much does it cost?

Let’s find out.

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But First: How Much Do You Think it Costs to Install Artificial Grass?

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What to Expect From an Artificial Grass Lawn

Gone are the days when artificial grass was frowned upon or even laughed at, the quality of this product has improved dramatically over the last few years. More and more homeowners now see that the benefits of this grass outweigh any limitations.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Instant solution for your garden, no waiting for grass seeds to grow or turf roots to take hold.
  • It’s affordable, for both large and small areas.
  • A wide range of choices including different stem lengths, thickness, colours and blends.
  • Once the base is installed you can change the grass easily at minimal cost.
  • Easy to install – DIY if you wish.
  • No maintenance – whatsoever. No lawn moss to remove and treat either.

Work Schedule – What’s Included in The Artificial Grass Price Below?

Further down this page you will see our price guide for artificial grass, the figures include the following:

  1. Remove existing lawn and soil to the required depth.
  2. Level the remaining soil and compact it down.
  3. Apply and level out a top layer of fine sand.
  4. Lay weed proof membrane felt.
  5. Roll out the artificial grass, any sections wider than 4 metres are to be joined with backing tape.
  6. Sand to be brushed into the pile to weigh it down and prevent wind lift.
  7. Edgings to be secured to timber embedded underneath the grass.

Example Prices

Below are three popular artificial grass types and their cost:

Budget Range

A budget-range of artificial grass, this type of entry-level product isn’t the most realistic but will set you back around £12.50 per sq mtr, supply only.

Mid Range

A mid-range product will have a thicker pile and possibly strands of different textures, density, colour and feel. £20 per sq mtr delivered

Premium Range

A thicker lower pile with finer lush verdant stems, this product is as close to real grass as you can get, expect to pay £35 per mtr delivered.

Installation Cost For Artificial Grass

The typical cost to supply and install budget and mid-range products to a typical garden in the UK:

Artificial Grass (Budget Range)£55 - £60 per sq mtr
Artificial Grass (Mid Range)£65 - £70 per sq metre
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Your Artificial Grass Installation Could Cost More If

There are several reasons why your artificial grass installation may cost more than our suggested prices:

  • Due to the economics of scale, smaller projects usually cost more per square metre than larger projects.
  • Gardens that require extensive landscaping, such as ground levelling, will cost more as the project will take longer, more materials could be required and there may be more waste to dispose of.
  • Lawns made into unusual shapes such as waves, circles or the like cost more as there’s more wastage and they generally require more man-hours.

You Can Save Money By Doing This…

Obviously, you can save a fortune by doing the work yourself, but assuming that you don’t have green fingers; we believe you can save money by trying one of the following:

Buy the product yourself to avoid the “mark-up” some installers charge on the product. Just make sure you measure correctly and allow a little extra for mistakes and miss-cuts.

As this type of work isn’t too difficult, instruct a smaller company to carry out the work. They may have fewer overheads and a lower profit margin. If they are operating below the VAT threshold, they won’t charge you this tax either.

More info about how you can legally avoid paying VAT can be found here.

Use a cheaper product, we have suggested a mid-range product priced at around £20 per sq metre delivered but some retailers have special offers going as low as £10 per sq mtr. So shop around.

When is the Best Time of Year to Lay Artificial Grass?

From a practical perspective, artificial grass can be laid at any time of the year.

However, as we have stated many times before on our site; landscape gardening is a very seasonal type of work.

Gardeners become very busy during the summer yet are often quiet during the winter.

We have personally witnessed landscape gardeners lowering their prices considerably during the off-season, just to keep their businesses ticking over until the more profitable summer period.

During the summer, the opposite is true.

With extra work coming in, prices tend to rise and some companies will outsource their extra workload to subcontractors.

So, what is the best time of year to lay artificial grass?

We suggest you plan in advance and avoid the summer peak. Make plans and source quotes in winter and have the work done in the springtime at the latest, by summer your project will be complete, just in time for the good weather.

Want to Try DIY?

These prices were updated in 2022 and include everything you need to install artificial grass to a high standard:

Sand: £5 per square metre at 35mm depth.

Weed membrane: £2 per square metre.

Artificial grass: £12.50 (budget range) £20 (mid-range) per square metre.

Fibreglass joining tape: £0.75 per linear metre

Fixing pins and adhesive: £2.50 per square metre.

Fine top sand, (to be brushed in) – £2.50 per square metre.

Waste disposal, variable as depends on the existing garden: £250 (skip hire)

Labour, 2 men 1 day (variable as depends on location and how many days) – £200 – £300 per day (see the going rate for landscape gardeners here)

Get Ideas and Inspiration

There are many pros and cons of artificial grass but to achieve a satisfying result, we recommend checking out these sites for ideas and inspiration:

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There is a difference between the thickness and density of a cheap grass and a premium product. This difference can certainly be felt underfoot. Also, cheaper products have inferior "bounce back", that means the stems don't always return to their original shape after a heavy object, such as a water tub or sunbather has been removed from the lawn. Top tier products generally last longer and are not as affected by sunlight as cheaper materials.
Yes, artificial grass is safe to use, even if you have a dog, much the same as a carpet is.
Yes, but if you intend to walk on it, only up to 15 degrees. For ornamental applications, you can use it on steeper slopes but the material should be securely pinned to an immovable object such as an embedded timber.
You should avoid barbecuing on it. Insects and other wildlife cannot use it like they would with real grass. Even with a professional installation, any joints can be seen.

Below you can find a link to our recently updated trade day rates page:

Day Rates For Tradespeople

Artificial grass is UV protected so the sunlight won't affect it. In general you can expect a good quality product to last 15 - 20 years. With light foot traffic, it may last 20 years or perhaps even longer and with excessive wear and tear expect around 15 years.

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