About Us

Hello and welcome to Job Prices.

Claire Mitchell

My name is Claire and I created this site with my partner Danny so homeowners can get an idea of how much home improvement projects cost.

Danny has been working in the construction industry for many years after leaving the armed forces, first as an employee, then as a small business owner. He now renovates properties and part of this work involves estimating how much certain projects will cost to complete.

While neither of us is a chartered surveyor or evaluator, we have plenty of experience in dealing with tradespeople and businesses in this sector.

Over the years we have learned how to calculate the going rate for many common jobs, hence how we came to the idea of creating this website.

Here on Job Prices you will see a breakdown of the costs involved, such as materials, labour, VAT, waste disposal fees and profit margins.

We are fully aware that different companies will have different pricing policies but we believe our research can be a good starting point, although we encourage you to read our disclaimer.

Visit our full price list here.

Danny also keen to help former ex-forces personnel who have fallen on hard times, so you’ll find guides, hacks, hints, tips and several pages dedicated to the ex-forces, such as this one which is a good place to start.