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The table below contains all of the prices we have received from visitors to this site. Our guide to flat roof prices contains the most recent feedback but below you’ll find the full table:

Lisa (derby)10x3 meter dorma with epdm and insulation below - include removal of old felt (Sept 2017)£2750
J Wilson (Preston)3m square dormer. Epdm rubber including decking. Also replaced felt over 5 sq m of pitched roof (Sept 2017)£1400
Michael (Banbury)Single garage flat roof with 2 layer system, no new insulation or decking was needed. (July 2017)£750
keely johnson (Aldershot)i was given a price of £350 to replace the covereing on my porch, is this a fare price? (July 2017)£350
Daniel (Surrey)Double garage flat roof with new decking and guttering and pipes, (June 2017) £1950
Kevin Jones (Hereford)Great website! Ive been given 3 quotes for a new flat roof to my small garage, the difference is huge and it's a nightmare trying to find out which price is reasonable and which isn't. I really like y our website, it's very informative, keep up the good work. I wish roofers were more honest about their pricing policies. (June 2017)£700, £800 and £1200

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